Episode 192 “Sexy Voice”

Episode 192 “Sexy Voice”

We’re live! Chuck talks about his old MacBook Pro dying, and replacing it with a new version. Josh talks about the selling price of old MacBooks. Chuck mentions that his MacBook was unrepairable, because of missing parts.

Chuck talk about having a bad week and being rear-ended, the internet went out, and a disconnecting Windows machine. Chuck mentions having trouble with the Air pods. John say you can fix magic.

Chuck mentions having a getting away with his wife over the weekend. Chuck talks about his plan for hiring someone to take care of managing the sponsorship tasks.

Josh and John talk about the weekly reports from Rodrigo. Chuck says this is the reason he fired Gerald. Because he was not providing feedback on the job he does.

Chuck mentions that his new sponsorship system called Podwrench. Chuck talks about the past work with Mandy. The EntreProgrammers talks about working yourself out of a job and automation.

Chuck continues to talks about raising the bar on the sponsorship service since the system is built. John talks about doing with video shoot with SkillSoft. John talks about having to do hair and makeup for the video shoot for SkillSoft.

John talks about possibly being apart of the soft skills meet up or program/event. John says this will be exactly like fights club. John talks about being hit on by guys in SF.

Josh and John talk about getting the Kindle Daily Deal. Josh explains the catch on of sales promotion tactics. Josh talks about the sales this program generated. John and Josh talk about the reach Amazon has with this program.

John talks about selling the book in other marketplaces besides KDP. Josh talks the possible ways to do promotions with KDP. Josh talks about the price change of the book since last week.

John and Josh talk about selling a printed book in a different format to make more sales. Josh talks about working with Interview Cake and Parker.

Josh talks about a marketing strategy to gain names or a list for driving sells to a product. Josh talks out sending out emails, an expecting to get unsubscribes. Josh is talking about building a pinko machine of sales offers.
Josh talks about the active subscribers on their list, and the customer lifetime value. Josh talks about doing a fire sale to a country with low income. Josh asked for a feature in Drip from Rob. Josh talks about the individual worth of subscribers in different countries.

Josh talks about trying to find a workaround for working with time zones. Chuck ask about Micro Conf.


Thoughts for the Week!

John – Once you see it is possible, you can do it.

Josh – Consistency trumps intensity

Chuck – Suck it up an do it.