Episode 191 “Your Kinda Like a Pimp”

Episode 191 “Your Kinda Like a Pimp”

Episode 191 “Your Kinda Like A Pimp”


We’re Live! Chuck gives an introduction to the podcast directory for DevChat TV. Chuck talks about how the directory works for sponsorship slot purchases.


Chuck talks about the inner workings of the directory and things that need to be fixed or refined. Chuck talks about speaking with React Native Radio to get a set schedule. Also, some talk about the new workflow for the whole podcast production process.


Chuck talks about selling service to use this service for a monthly fee. Chuck talks about the fees and costs to run the new service.  John mentions to not expanded this out until it is running great for his podcast production.


The EntreProgrammers talk about the process of sponsors for the top 10 shows. Chuck talks about giving credit to the loss of traffic to sponsors. Josh suggests this can go to used space or sponsor slots. John talks about automating the system in the future.


Chuck talks about how this project with bringing back former sponsors and get some firm commits to the new system.


Josh critiques Chuck ad copy. Josh mentions he like that story but says that he was teaching to much. Josh talks about maybe doing some affiliate marketing.  Josh mentions testing about doing launches.


Josh gives some details on warming up the audience and getting backing to sales. John talks about doing some live video recordings as a kind of marketing strategy. Also, build some new courses and build up membership.


John talks about doing “shirts off” video broadcast. John says this is a huge lift on the viewership on YouTube.  John talks about the watch time and the traffic to the live videos once they are posted.


John show his new t-shirt “Video Begins at 0:00,” which is available in the Simple Programmer store


John talks about calling out people base on their Intent, rather than some sort of ignorance. John and Josh talk about the topic of Corn Pops, and the issues this raises when people take this in the wrong context.


John talks about getting some mouth hardware, didn’t even notice. John talks about using Invisalign. Josh, talks about the rising cost of healthcare.


John and Josh talk about Healthcare and the non-sense high cost of useless coverage. Josh talks about how private insurance works which does not fully compile with Obamacare.

Look up private insurance for the self-employed.


Josh explains how the penalty works for the self-employed, and how the government collects that fine. John explains that health insurance is a kind of hedge. Chuck talks about his health care situation, especially being diabetic.


John and Chuck talk about pulling together an association to get health care across state lines.  John talks about the level of income of those at 100k to the millions, have no troubles with paying health care. But those at least making 100k can barely handle the hits of the rising costs.

Thoughts for the Weeks

John – Out earn it!

Chuck – Put it in my control!

Josh – There are no limits to the number of doors.