Episode 190 “Lets Take Our Shirts Off and Talk About…”

Episode 190 “Lets Take Our Shirts Off and Talk About…”


We’re live! Let take our shirts up and talk about X. John talks about his recent shit storm rant on YouTube. John mention some had told him about starting a Twich channel. John says he likes doing the live videos and he gets great audience interaction with live video.


John talks about doing a live show called “Let Take Our Shirts Off and Talk About…” The Ted talks about Simple Programmer.


Josh mentions catching up on sleep after a trip to Wisconsin, for a Perry Marshall Round Table meeting.  Josh talks about the ins and outs of building the membership program for their products. Josh talks about the direction their product or programs are about, after analyzing the marketing and platform.


Josh talk about defining what this membership off is about before launching it. John and Josh talk about how this would be a different kind of launch.


Chuck mentions that Thrive Cart is still in beta and only by invitation. Josh talk about the 900 amazon bill and bring that bill down. John talks about the membership course and products. Josh talks about setting up some email redirects.


John talks about recording 40 chapters of his audiobook, and 20 chapters to go. John talks about the crude language and titles of his YouTube videos, and how they don’t something serve the buttoned-up business corporations.


Chuck talks about the numbers of attendees of the Ruby Dev Summit and Angular Dev Summit. But some were paid passes and free passes to the conferences.


Chuck talks about some of the topics like machine learning and how nothing has really changed in Ruby, but on other platforms have constant change


John talks about finding an audience with those who were unpaid attendees to the recent conferences. Chuck talks about updating the websites and sites for the conferences.


Josh says that these different elements of the conferences help build Chuck’s podcast empire. The EntreProgrammers suggest the many ideas to help Chuck with making a profit on the conference tickets. Chuck talks about the pricing model for the conferences.


The EntreProgrammers talks about the various ways to make money from conferences paid or fee. John lists off several ways to create revenue streams from these annual conferences.


Chuck talks about the speakers doing talks for free and ways compensate them. John talks about the doing affiliate links and paying a percentage of the ticket sales.


Chuck talks about setting up the conferences as a kind of lead magnet for emails or product sales. Josh talks about talks with a person whose was not ready to become an e-commerce store. John says e-commerce is very different.


Chuck says that everyone he has talked to says he needs to get the sponsorship stuff down. John again talks about spinning up more podcasts and podcast audience. More podcasts views, listeners, downloads, equals more money for sponsorships.


Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Take a break when you need one.

John – Show up consistently to not fear failure

Josh –  Getting away, getting clear