Episode 19 My Mic

Episode 19 My Mic

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Mathematical equation comes into play when The Entreprogrammers answer Josh’s question about how close a person should be to her/his microphone when talking. John demonstrates what it means to eat your mic – oh, yes, he does sexy, too.

John and Derick project a little more than Josh does, so it only stands to reason that Josh is closer to his mic. It’s good vibrations from The Entreprogrammers.

It’s determined that the same equation as used in gravity and magnetism, and the equation used for light can be used to determine the appropriate distance that a person should be from the mic to produce perfect vibrations. Then Derick – what is he doing, anyway?

The discussion goes to episode 18, that it was published; if you haven’t seen episode 18, yet, you surely must do so – John calls an emergency session to determine his life path. “You guys saved my life, basically!” he said to Josh and Derick.

John deals with marketing criticism from a potential client by describing the reality of marketing to the client; Josh adds that it is The Entreprogrammers’ responsibility to help people, even if the marketing strategy is a little “cheesy.” John comments that marketing research reveals, “Cheesy works.”

Josh gets into a detailed description of a change he is making in the marketing strategy used to sell his books; people are buying his books and Josh tells why.

Also, Josh interviewed James Clear who produced 72,000 subscribers in about eighteen months. (JamesClear.com) Clear is into good health and habit change.

Tablet, iPod, PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, Blue Tooth – Who is using what? The Entreprogrammers tell us what they use and all about it. In addition, John goes big screen. Do these 3 Entreprogrammers ever use paper?

Stay tuned…links to software used by The Entreprogrammers, coming soon. You requested it, so you get it.

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