Episode 189 “Video Starts at 0:00”

Episode 189 “Video Starts at 0:00”


We’re live!  We are here, and we need a fourth. John mentions causing a shit storm on the internet.  John talks about saying something about comments on his videos, based on the opinion of when relevant content starts in his videos.


John talks about starting a live stream to talk about the issues people had about the comment. And he as able to reverse the negativity and downvotes.


John mentions he started a cult in support of “video starts at video 0:00.” The EntreProgrammers talk about the craziness people get into without knowing the whole story.


John talks about a book called  For New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto. John talks about how this book will make you libertarian.


John talks about cut the ads or turning off monetization on his YouTube videos. Because it stunts the growth of the subscribers. John and Josh explore other avenues to accelerate the growth. Josh suggest testing and turning off the ads.


Chuck talk about how he is almost done with the app to handle the sponsorship for the podcast. Chuck talks about the different kinds of ideas for signing up for sponsor slots on the podcasts.


Chuck talks about maybe creating a way to look at available slots for sponsorship without an account. Then if they want to purchase a time slot, then they will need to set up an account.


Chuck talks about overhauling the Dev Chat TV site in the future. John and Josh suggest not to do the overhaul until his app is in place and working.


John talks about creating an immediate income stream by doing affiliate or commission. John talks about the cash flow that will be available once his sponsorship app is in-place.


John talks about the B to B type business, and add more podcasts to his network. John continues to talk about the goldmine scenario, but you have to hit the mother load first before you move on to the next hill. Also, some talks about multiplying the podcast shows.


Chuck talks about keeping his list warm, with affiliate stuff or newsletters. John, again, suggests creating and promoting a new podcast show.


John talks about the permission market approach that Seth Godin and Grant Cardone implement. Chuck says he done not know how people have the time to do stuff like this. John says that despite the shit storm, he got tons of engagement.


John gives a rundown of his new camera and mic equipment.

Thoughts for the Weeks

John – Stand your ground.

Josh – Focus too!

Chuck  – Focus