Episode 188 “Get To Coding”

Episode 188 “Get To Coding”


We’re Live. John mentions that he was in Las Vegas during the shooting last week. John talks about the chaos in Las Vegas and the many different quick decisions he had to make.


EntreProgrammers talk about the past visits to Las Vegas, and John continues to talk about the coaching he was trying to do, and being hit on at the lounges.


John talks about how great the Thrive conference was in Las Vegas. John talks about meeting and seeing people like Grant Cardone, Ty Lopez and much more. Chuck talks about going to Las Vegas next year for a conference.


Chuck talks about recently hiring and firing a project manager, and another. Chuck talks about hiring a person to handle the sponsorship information.


Chuck talks about speaking with an open source developer/entrepreneur. Chuck talk about his encounter with syndicated ads. Chuck talks about having a miscommunication with a sponsor trying to find an ad.


Chuck continues with finding a renewed spark for doing the ad reads and being more animated in the podcast shows, also his new plan for managing sponsorships.


Josh suggests the kinds of information sponsors are looking for in a sponsorship, like transparency and analytics. Chuck talks about the type of analytic tool he needs to provide information back to his sponsors. Chuck says he keeps getting sponsor asking for certain criteria for sponsorship.


Chuck talks about creating the tools he needs for the sponsors. Chuck also talks about conflicts with sponsors advertising the similar services or products.  Chuck told a sponsor that if they want to be exclusive, they have to buy it out the sponsor slots.


Chuck talks about this build idea that is very unique and could be your bread and butter for a long time.


Chuck talk about searching for tool and coding. Chuck says he might end up building a system similar to what. Derrick’s  Signal Leaf did when it was up an running.


Josh talk about working on a project with he is working for promoting John on Plural Sight. Also, work on some email list projects and marketing. John thinks they can make some money off this project on Plural Sight.


Chuck mentions Ruby Dev. Summit at  rubydevsummit.com

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck – If you not happy with what you are getting, change what you are doing.,.

John – Until you see what is possible, everything is impossible

Josh – Have a plan..