Episode 187 “The Josh & Chuck Show”

Episode 187 “The Josh & Chuck Show”


We’re Live!

Josh turned 37 this past week. Josh says he is so mad at some idiot. Josh talks about getting a message from John about an issue with the book on Kindle.  Josh talks about what he thinks happen for this book to be taken down.


Josh mentions the book was losing ranking because sales were lost. Josh talks about issues when getting John’s book republished. Josh they may have to do another promotion to gain the ranking back.


Josh says this book is not their business, so it difficult not to have the power to do what the need at any time. Josh talks about how royalties are set within Amazon book sales. Josh talks about his thought about selling books on Amazon.


Josh talks about liking Thrive Cart . Josh and Chuck talk about the types of carts they currently use. Josh talks about the current Simple Programmer shopping cart, and all the features available to make sales.


Josh goes into some market strategy and tools he uses from day to day. Chuck ask about payment on Thrive Cart. Chuck talks about how he uses MemberPress.


Chuck talks about getting his water main fixed. Chuck talks about reading Profit First. Chuck talks about the way Profit First tells you to divide your money into different accounts.


Josh talks who Simple Programmer handles the accounting. Chuck talks about how Profit First talks about cutting expenses. Chuck goes back to how he fires people… Chuck talks about the current plans for cutting expenses.


Chuck talks about moving to Pipedrive CRM and Sale management, but still, needs some functions that BlueTick offers.


Josh recommends hunter.io as a free tool for searching and check valid emails. Chuck wants to us this for find prospects.


Chuck says he is thinking about taking out the bronze package for sponsorships. Chuck talks about backlog episodes.  Josh talks about how Podcast vs Radio are paid in sponsors.


Chuck talks about he impression vs. volume of episodes. Josh climes in with how CPMs work for sponsorships. Chuck says he should talk to Derick about the podcast hosting and adding another features like sponsor clips.


Chuck admits that John was right about how Chuck was running his business awhile back,

Thoughts for the Week! 

Chuck – You cant keep doing the same thing, expecting something different to happen.

Josh – Every system is perfectly designed to produce the results that it is producing.