Episode 186 “Gaining Momentum”

Episode 186 “Gaining Momentum”

Episode 186 “Gaining Momentum”


We’re Live. John is back and exhaust from all the traveling. John mentions that he did not miss a workout during the whole trip. John says he did gain about 20lbs, but has force himself to get through the grind. John describes how people get into depression or gain momentum into positivity.


Chuck compares he recents trails to what Johns was just talking about. Chuck also talks about the book You Are The Placebo. Chuck says looking over the abyss and considering the walk back is freaking hard.


John says you might as well try to charge up the hill, and build a new city. Chuck compares his finances  to last year, and is looking for a way forward, rather it is in finances or podcast production. Chuck says this is about just breaking even and moving forward.


Josh suggests looking into the profitability. John talks about the same ideas relayed in the current book Chuck has been reading, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind… and others. John talks about how the little league is these to beat you up to get to the big leagues.


Johns says the struggle is figuring out all the wrong ways of doing things, but leads to the well oiled machine that works every time. Josh says this maybe cheaper in the long run and less headaches.


Chuck talks about the new project manager he hired and the new processes to help all the different events and weekly tasks from week to week. Chuck talks about maybe moving things to Jira as he starts building new processes.


Chuck talks about his new project manager, where he is from, and his new tasks. Josh mentions that they may want to hire a project manager to handle task in Simple Programmer. But John talks about the different situations where it could work.


John says this position may be a intern type job, and grow it into a position with a bigger capacity, but, possibly someone with an entrepreneurial mindset. John says if something like this was available in his mid twenties, he would have certainly done it. This would have help gain traction into entrepreneurship.


John talks about interviewing James Damore, and the different things that happen with  this tech firing situation. John talks about historical events that led to huge changes we see in situations like James Damore’s.


The EntreProgarmmers give their thoughts on companies having the right to fire as they see fit. The EntreProgrammers speak on topics about  discriminations such as race and levels of intelligence from race to race. John compares this ideas to the breeding of dogs… and thing humans have done in the past.


The EntreProgrammers ask questions like, What makes a good coder? Male or Female? Do some people have advantages or do we need to just work harder to get somewhere if life?

Thoughts of the Week

John – Fight from a position of strength

Charles – What are you going to do?

Josh –  Someone in business always has the upper hand.. It’s your job to be that person.