Episode 185 “Got This Nut Cracked…” 

Episode 185 “Got This Nut Cracked…” 


We’re live.  Just Chuck and Josh. Josh talks about a Chrome bug that is not letting him use his good mic. Also, some tech tech about Josh’s new screen. Chuck says it is rain and he is not going to fix this leaking pipe.


Chuck says he was doing Angular Dev Summit all week, and gain some 700 emails for his list. Chuck say it was a good summit ad great talks. Chuck mentions that he is home alone with he kiddos.


Chuck talks about working with Fulcrum an automation tool.  Chuck mentions that he has a new process with his podcast production. Chuck is also working on the renewals of sponsorships.


Chuck says he is finally releasing the episode before the show notes are done, then he can catch up with the show notes later. Josh talks about maybe using  a place holder for the show notes. Chuck talks about the downward spiral with a  show note writer.


Josh ask about the Angular Dev Summit, and some general attendee questions. Chuck talks about sending a email out about the summit to those who did not show up. Chuck says he want to find some to do this leg work for coordinating the summits and conferences.


Josh ask about how the “Free Model” work this time around. Chuck says the emails he gain were worth the whole event. This is a 5% bump for Chuck’s list. Josh asks about the popularity of Angular to React. Chuck explains the difference


Josh and Chuck talk about the Angular JS, and how React is growing. Chuck says he does not have a React show on yet.  But he is working on it. Chuck talks about the mainstream support of the different programming languages.


Chuck talks about the banner issue that was not happening with the sponsors. Josh mentions hat John is flying home now.


Josh talks about the revenue and reach of the sponsorship. Josh talks about finding the qualified leads and get the customer value. Josh talks about the $6 a click. Josh talks about how is learning and reinventing the wheel for the sponsorships and sales. Josh thinks that they need to out source sponsorship sales. Maybe a 15 -20% commission.


Josh thinks this is outside of his niche to do the sponsorship sales. Chuck talks about the sales process from his point of view. Josh thinks that his would be a full time job for him, but he might have better use for his time.


Chuck talks about what a new show means for the revenue of sponsorships. Chuck and Josh talks about all the task for doing sales call and working with the CRM.


Chuck says he wants to build his own CRM. Josh and Chuck about their biggest problems with a CRMs. Josh says he want to mash a CRM with Trello.


Josh says he is looking for someone who does media sales. Josh talks about doing some experimentation with LinkedIn Ads. But they’re expensive. Josh talks about the campaign he did, and who he targeted.


Josh talks about how  LinkedIn ads work. Josh says the is probably how he was find someone to help them. Chuck says he would give an introduction to someone who does marketing for podcasts.


Josh talks about a new licensing program they’re apart of for the new book and podcasts. Next this is working on the audio book.


Chuck says he like listening to audio. Josh says he does both kindle and audio. Chuck and Josh discuss the next process of the show notes on the podcasts.

Thoughts of the Week!

Chuck – Creating the process and trusting the process.

Josh – It talks some time in marketing…