Episode 184 “Leaky Pipes”

Episode 184 “Leaky Pipes”

Episode 184 “Leaky Pipes”


We’re Live! Just Josh and Chuck today. Josh is calling in form a rotary phone. Chuck mentions he had to write show notes. Chuck is firing again. Chuck talks about a high utility bill and trying to find out why? Leaking pipes! Murphy lives here.


Chuck mentions getting a new sponsor and getting some help to fund the month till sponsors pay.


Chuck says he is going to hire 4 writers to be responsible for the show’s notes. Also Chuck is working to keep production ahead so the production line has some buffer.  Chuck and Josh talks about evergreen content and how podcasting and publishing works to help traffic.


Josh mentions that Chuck could recycle some shows to buy some time to till production catches up. Chuck talks about planning ahead with the other podcast hosts to replace topics.


Josh talks what the process is on producing the show notes for one episode. Josh asks is the writers need to know code to write the notes. Chuck says no, that is no needed.


Josh suggests hiring 10 people to write the notes from UpWork. Chuck talks about getting off of Slack and switching to MatterMost for podcast production.


Chuck says that his podcast production broken and his house broke, but Angular Dev Summit is working out just fine. Josh says this production line needs to be a Zero Tolerance policy.


Josh talks about working at a new paper and making sure that things get done. Josh says this maybe because they are doing this on a budget, is the big reason things fall apart.


Josh talks about Hub Spot and the free CRM. Josh describes his issues with loading data into these kinds of tools, and trying to build tasks. Josh talks about the G Mail plugin in Hub Spot.


Josh talks about he issues with his email tools. Chuck talks about the kind of features he needs to these CRM tools.


Josh says he is struggling with the outreach, and these tools need to be configurable to cater to their needs. Josh talks about doing Cold Out Reach and Warm Follow up, using these tools.


More talk on how similar CRMs are, and the one or two small differences. Josh talks about finally setting up their membership site. Josh talks about flipping the switch and making the site go live, but with a test first.


Josh talks about how the title on the membership site was broken due to the title. Josh talks about how he was not impress by Digital Access Pass.


Chuck says he was to take a look into this, because he wants to do something similar. Josh says he has not hear from John. He should be back this coming week. More talk on CRM features.


Josh and Chuck mentioned scripting or writing a bit of code, or learning new things.

Thoughts for the Week 

Chuck – Don’t go to victim-land.

Josh – Taking the time to figure out the steps.