Episode 181 “Just Ninja Side Kick That @$#!@$”

Episode 181 “Just Ninja Side Kick That @$#!@$”

Episode 181 “Just Ninja Side Kick That @$#!@$”


Technical issues with video and sound. John talks about a scam with trying to buy a sim card and getting internet access.


Chuck talks about his experience with data and cell phones in Italy some 20 years ago. Chuck says get away form the airports. John and Chuck talks about their experiences in Italy. John talks about trying to find a gym.  John also talks about making the effort to speaking Italian only.


John talks about wanting to hire to tutor for speaking Italian. Chuck talks about his crash course with Italian. John mentions their travel plans until the 17th of September. Chuck talks about the time he staying Italy and everything he explored.


John mentions liking the cornettos. John ask what he has to try while he is in Italy. Chuck says to ask he locals. More talk about the similarities today with European culture and American culture.


John and Josh talks about who is in charge at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about his recent family adventure to The Great Wolfs Lodge. Josh further describes his adventure with his kids.


John and Josh talk about how they hate  to responding to loads of emails after vacation. John says some opportunities and more emails with Blue Host and such.


Chuck talks about his getaway to get some work done and relax. Now Chuck has been planing and doing the 12 week year. Chuck says he is going to have to miss the podcast movement.


Chuck talks about this sponsorship workflow with Asana, but he may need to change how that is setup. Chuck says he is getting sponsors, but that can’t pay until a month away.


Johns makes some suggestions and help Chuck think about things to think about. John talks about ways Chuck can line up new sponsors.


Chuck talks about planning to going to the Build conference. Josh ask what Chuck’s plan is for the 12 week year.  Chuck explains some steps and strategy for the next 12 years.


Chuck talks about his plans for the sponsorship on some of his podcasts. Chuck has need talking to Wes Boss and Dave Thomas.


Chuck asks how to get hooked up with Plural Sight as a sponsor. John says he might be able to do an intro email for Chuck.  John and Josh talks about the sponsors or affiliates that have been working for them.


John talks about interview Cake. Josh again talks about how helpful PluralSight will be as an affiliate for Chuck.


Chuck talks about what he did after his short getaway, from small steps and following the plan. Entreprogrammers talks about which numbers to care about.


EntreProgrammers talk about testing an debugging and thinking they are going to use the data. Josh talks about the wrap up of the book launch and what is next. Plural Sight and sponsorships.

Thoughts for the Week

John – If someone is not a challenge…

Josh – You have to take risk…

Chuck – You inner world creates your outer world.