Episode 180 “Pineapple Inc.”

Episode 180 “Pineapple Inc.”

Episode 180 “Pineapple Inc.”


We’re Live! Guess where John is at? John talks about his experience with fondue in Switzerland.  Did they dye this lake…Lake Geneva.


Chuck talks about finding a getaway. EntreProgrammers talk about stupidity in everything. John talks about forming a secret society and such. Secret society of Anti fill-in the blank.


Derick congratulate Chuck on being like Jerry Springer. John say that Europe is a bunch of rule following pricks. Derick raises a questions about why rules are in place anywhere. John talks about rule following.


John talks about how people are running on a program and the stupidity is funny. People are living life base on a social type of program.


Derick talks about starting work with a client. Derick talks about his contract job as an architect, or a non-coding architect. Derick says he is impress with the people he is working with from all over the world. Derick said with job with run for a good while and will pay the bills.


Derick talks about getting a second client who has prepaid for work. Also, was approach by  a popular fruit company that has budgeted money for him to do some Docker videos for training.  John says that the podcast he did with Chuck has landed him this gig.  Derick says he needs some time to get the class off the ground.


Josh ask if these videos/classes/training with be exclusive to the company or will it be open.  Derick is excited for the brand new class and brand new client work.


Derick talks about saying no to the latest and greatest technology. Derick talks his excitement for new computers.


Chuck talks about freaking out, and making ends meet. John says to stop trying to control the situation. We can only control our actions. John says he has try to eliminate things he did not want to happen, but it never worked.


John talks about running on the auto-pilot program and retraining or reprogram. Johns say he has to shift thinking and change the self talk. Chuck talks about trying to figure out how to overcome the cycle of freaking out.


Josh talks about journaling and embracing what is going on in your head, and get it out. John talks a book called Your Erroneous Zones. John reads some paradigm shifting quotes.


Derick talks about doubling the medication, and finally feeling like himself. Chuck talks about feeling guilt taking time off. John makes some suggestion about when and how to take a break. Derick makes a suggestion of trading time off with the wife.


John makes another book suggestion called The way of the Superior Man.

Thoughts for the Week

Derick – listen to other people…

Chuck – Lay down, have a plan..

Josh – No Thoughts..