Episode 18 John’s Life Path Decision

Episode 18 John’s Life Path Decision

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

John’s life path, now, is to be made with one decision. He needs, in urgency, the high-end advice thriving consistently in the weekly Master Mind Sessions of The Entreprogrammers Podcast – he calls an emergency meeting with Josh and Derick.

They quickly respond to John’s request and listen intently as he describes the dilemma that ultimately was born in the arena of popularity and success. Be careful about what you ask for because you just might get it – and more.

John’s series of successes brought several options – a decision has to be made and becomes the intense focus of The Entreprogrammers emergency Master Mind Session.

The emotional well-being of John’s family, now in the hands of The Entreprogrammers, is at stake, here – the subject of analysis for this episode.

An extremely serious tone ensues as the 3 dig for resolution. What will it be?

Lifestyle priorities of The Entreprogrammers surface in this deep discussion regarding John’s entre-preneurial dilemma; there is much to be learned in their analysis as resolution becomes recommended.

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