Episode 179 “Starting to Sound Like a Country Song…”

Episode 179 “Starting to Sound Like a Country Song…”

Episode 179 “Starting to Sound Like a Country Song…”


We’re Live! Just Chuck and Josh today.  EntreProgrammers talks about  fireworks, 4th of July,  and state holidays.  Where do we buy legal fireworks? Chuck is at a coffee shop and talks about his week paying bills. Dead AC issues.


Chuck talks about all the problems happening around him. Tons of personal issues and some business issues. Funny thing , Chuck says he is not discouraged. Chuck talks about his deal with MicroSoft sponsorship. Chuck wants to be an approved vendor as some point.


Chuck talks about letting go of one of his contractors. Chuck talks about specific need of sponsors who are looking to target geographically. Chuck talks about having to figure out the conferences and sales to gain some revenue.


Derick enters with a suggestion about upgrades to those who bought ticket to some of these conferences. Derick mentions ways to do up-sales. Chuck continues with talk about the all access pass.


Josh ask Chuck what his plan is to not get back in to this position. Chuck talks about getting a plan together and implementing ideas from the book Profit First. Chuck talks about how Profit First works.


Josh talks about the Salary process John and himself do each month. Chuck talks about reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Chuck talks about talking with his bookkeeper and cutting back on some useless services.


Derick talks about his interesting week… Short version: A phone call with a guy from Canada… Derick mentions getting a contract for 30 hours a week and wondering how to get all the working done. When a few hours ago he did not know how to pay the bills.


Derick, again talks about getting a prepay on a Rabbit MQ  contract as well. Derick says he sees the light at the end of the tunnel for his recent financial fall back.


Derick talk about the health care contractor is use to do work for, and some of the issues he had encountered. Chuck says he is glad that things are looking up for Derick.


Derick talks about his Tweet last week, and nothing happen. But all of a sudden has turn around this week. Chuck say he may have to pick up some contract work.


Derick talks about upping his medication dosage after talking to his doctor. But he is feeling a bit sick stomach wise..  Derick says things are looking better altogether.


Derick mentions that Watch Me Code is going on the back burner for now, and he does not want bother with it for now.  Derick says he is talking about this to help others not for a pat on the back.


Josh says he is going crazy with Simple Programmer, because John has been offline for the past few days. Josh talks about telling everyone when to do so far. Josh talks about way to implement Workman or Workers Compensation.


Derick says that Josh needs to looking into talking to a lawyer for workman’s comp. Josh talks about try to get answers…


Derick pokes fun at John’s story telling.. Josh talks about is dealing with a shopping cart feature or program. Josh talks about maybe using Member Press..  Derick gives some suggestions on the streaming on other features.

Thoughts of the Week

Derick – Careful what you wish for

Chuck –  It ain’t over till its over

Josh –  If someone does a good job, let them know.