Episode 178 “Will Code For Food”

Episode 178 “Will Code For Food”


Chuck says he could try to convince John to fire himself from Simple Programmer. Chuck says he is tried of writing show notes. Chuck has been trying to catch up. John pops in! Chuck gives an more detailed update on his podcasts situations. Chuck lays down the rules on his podcast production.


Josh gives some feedback on the workflows that Chuck has recently implemented. Things are looking better. Chuck say he does not have to have these people like him. Josh say they will like you if you are super clear with them and there is a lot of communication.


Derick talks about how is doing better, still working on feeling 100 percent. Better talks about his recent publishing deal for his courses. Derick talks about getting work doing consulting and contract work.


Derick talks about a new contracting work doing development. Derick mentions talking to people to about getting client work. Progress is being made.


Derick talks about when he will be getting the first payment for the new publishing deal. Derick says he is their first screencaster for Manning. Josh asks if he is able to implement a kind of lead magnet. Derick say he is able to do so, and he make no mention on behalf of Manning.


John says they sold over 10K book within the first few days, and out sold some big names whom launch at the same time. John also mention selling 173 in the printed copy sales. John talks about all the logicist with the book sales. John mention getting in contact with a known book agent.


John talks about how the book can up the overall revenue of Simple Programmer. Josh mention the Look Inside feature and gaining subscribers. Josh says this is the #2 source of subscribers. John talks about kill it, even while launch along people like Ryan Holiday.


John talks about the perks on using his own Amazon affiliate link. John continues with his plan and out reach with the newly launched book. Josh and Chuck talks about troubles with working with book publishers.


Josh talks about the dark sides of success. Josh talks about the account rep from Drip, and being notified about spam. Josh goes into questing Drip about pruning  their list, or deleting half of their business. Josh talks about how they discovered a person who may be seeding their list.


Josh talks about the bonus material that is apart of the book. Josh talk about using a new tool call Price Cart.


Josh talks about needing Derick’s help with setting up a membership site. Derick says there is a number ways to accomplish a membership site. Derick talks about Member Press  and Content Pro.  John says this will solve a lot of problem they have.


John says with will solve their issues with streaming HD video. John says he is Sweden. John says the best thing he found a his favor ice cream.


John and Josh talks about doing a short notice meet up.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Commitment

Derick – Don’t wait for it work for it

John – Sleep is really important

Josh – Check your thyroid, get blood work done