Episode 177 “Entrepreneurial Cxck Blockxr”

Episode 177 “Entrepreneurial Cxck Blockxr”

Episode 177 “Entrepreneurial Cxck Blockxr”


Chuck wants to shake some people. Chuck talks about his podcast  show notes backup. Josh ask about what the back up might be. Chuck talks about his frustrations with episodes not be released on time.


Josh stay to him, Chuck need to hire new writers. John talks about asking why things were not getting done. John says he needs to set a deadline, and expectation. John, also mentions that he need to tell new hires that “They Never Miss A Deadline”


Chuck talks about he is going to handle the situation, with getting the podcasts back on regular schedule.  Josh says this may mean that he hires new people. John says that “The New Paper goes out everyday!”


Chuck mentions that he had  to abandoned transcripts for now. Chuck say he is also probably going to put a hold on Shandi, as Gerald has stepped up in the production of the shows. Josh talk about how Chuck keeps getting a surprises with the the show notes writers.


Josh talks about a possible bot that deletes anything by Simple Programmer on Hacker News. John ask for some help form listeners to post a link on Hacker News.


John talks about his book status on Amazon.  John talks about how his book is surrounded by chesty men book covers on Amazon.


John goes by and talks about he marketed his book to Hacker News, for a news spot. But he has not heard anything. John says hew found an Entrepreneurial Cock Blocker.


Josh talks about the recent amazon link submission to hacker news by a listener. Josh thinks they are more sophisticated then the NSA.


John talks about his book sales numbers, and getting screw on the KDP selection. Chuck says it is awesome to be one of the top 25. Josh says some people do not know how to use Amazon, especially those in other countries try to buy on US amazon sites.


Josh talks about the issues the Kindle Select. John talks about this particular person who is a complex code teacher, but he was have trouble with buying the new 99 cent book off of amazon.


John talks about how he was not concern about the 99 cent price. Because it will sell over a million dollars over the next 10 years.  Also with some interest for place in China. John gives an update on the link post to hack news, and talks about up voting it  live.


John does some horn tutting about hitting a new top selling book about software developing. John talks about Ryan Holiday book launch on the same day.


John says to avoid Create Space if you are doing a launch. There’re good but not for a big launch. John continues to talk about the logistics of the book launch.


Chuck says a lot of his work is paying off, and cashflow is starting to look better. Also, out reach is looking better, as he is talking to Microsoft and getting invoices paid.


Josh ask his anyone know  the hot submission page and how it works. John talks about things he could have done better for the book launch.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Blast through the finish line with your spaceship.

Josh –   Ready for anything.

Chuck – Trust the Process.