Episode 176 “Monkeys In Suits…”

Episode 176 “Monkeys In Suits…”

Episode 176 “Monkeys In Suits…”


We’re are live! When there are 5 it is really 4. Derick is back! WooHoo! Derick says he was sleeping the whole time. In the good news, Derick mentions getting a distribution deal with Manning Books. Manning Books is picking ups some of Derick’s screencasts for distribution. Derick also has built some new video animation material for branding.


In the downer news, Derick says that his business had been tanking.Derick openly talks about is depression and therapy visits. Derick talks about how his wife helped him by calling their family doctor.


Derick talks about his medication, home life and other important events that push him to get help. Derick describes his mental battle and things he had to do to take care of himself.


Derick talks about how he has been working on things for Manning Books, and making financial changes to get  of top of things.


John talks about his concern for Dericks health and business. John suggests reading Tony Robbin’s Awaken The Giant Within. John talks about his encounter with anxiety and some depression. John also suggest reading anything by Dr. Wayne Dryer.


Derick says he is not a fan of medication, but is was something that help him. Derick says he most likely will not need to be on medication. Derick says he wants to talk about this on the show because depression is serious. Derick says that depression is a lair. Derick suggests  to anyone out there to find that help they need if they’re battling depression.


John talks about the roller coaster each member of the group has been on. John talks more about the getting the defense to help yourself. Johns cutting out all the bad stuff and only take in positive stuff.


Chuck chimes in on his routines, books and is faith to help his current business, and life trials. Chuck says he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. John says you are exactly where you need to be at any moment… John describes his thoughts on encountering the mid-way point.


Derick talks about the things he was looking forward to, and stopping negatively. Derick talk about getting down low enough with emotions. Derick talks about apathy.


Derick suggests checking out OSMIHelp.org if they need help with depression. John talks about taking the pressure off. John make a great point about everyone being monkeys in suits, doing things we think that matters…


John talks about not losing the desire to make things better, and rebuilding.  Derick talks having his wife understand his situation. Derick talks about climbing out of the big “U”.


Derick talks about how the phase is “I’m Freaking Out Right Now” is a key  to notice his situation. John suggests pick something that is out of context  to break out and have a pattern interrupt.


John rants about the scientific physical experiences now feels with anxiety. Derick talks about how he diverts anxiety during a talk or presentation. Derick talks how he business is anxiety inducing or looking at the signs and noticing the “burning room.” Derick says “Don’t try to pushing yourself during recovery.”


John suggests to Derick to perhaps maybe get a regular job for awhile to reduce the  anxiety and other taxing situations. Derick mentions that his therapist  suggest the same thing.


Chuck says that he has been feeling similar things as Derick, and his wife ask if she should get another job. John gives some suggestions to Chuck. John suggest giving it 6 months to help getting into cover stuff. Chuck talks about cutting expenses. Josh says he does not see a problem after a couple of months.


John talks about clients paying up front before starting business. John suggests to Chuck to put a time limit on the situation, before changing  his business situation. Josh mentions that he needs to make sure that it is working before handing it off.


John’s book is out!

Thoughts for the Week

John – None of this shit matters… take the pressure off.

Josh – Backups and redundancy.

Chuck – Take some time to code… or do what you love.