Episode 175 “Veiny 2.0”

Episode 175 “Veiny 2.0”


Episode 175 “Veiny 2.0”


We’re Live! Yay. John talks about a video of a father burning his kids XBox. John talks about reasons why Derick might not be showing up for the master mind call. EntreProgrammers talk about destroying their video games consoles.


John updates us on his fitness levels and goals, and cracking the diet 2.0. John talks about dropping weigh after cutting all sugar, including fructose and artificial sweeteners. Josh chimes in a what he has notice about John’s calorie intake and what he burns during exercise.


John talks about a v02 max test, and the off the charts performance. John says his new diet is about  insulin resistance. John talks about possible producing a program on the science of this  diet.


Chuck mentions that he has lost 12lbs on the Ketogenic diet. Chuck talks about going to a new doctor and getting his meds changed. Josh talks about his fasting. John ask about the medication Chuck is taking.


John talks about what is happening to your body on the Keto diet, but also taking diabetic medication. Josh talks about his small carb intake right before workouts. Basically, tricking the brain into thinking it is getting carbs.


John talks about his experiment with his diet, with pre and post intake. John gives Chuck some  suggestions on cutting out artificial sweeteners.


Josh talks about an on going debate about fitness he had with John. Josh talks about flipping a switch with his diet. Josh talks about the math of a diet and how it works, after his crash diet.


John talks about how Josh’s diet is causing insulin levels to be low and not spike. John mentions reading the Obesity Code .


Chuck says that everyone’s metabolism is different. Chuck changes the subject to business and talks about his business and cashflow. Chuck talks about setting a KPI or key performance indicator.


Johns talks about how he want finding out where and how to manually find sponsors. Chuck talks about how his VA, Gerald is helping him out. Chuck talks she using LinkedIn to reach out.


Chuck talks about doing cold out reaching for sponsors. John talks about wanting to find someone to do out reach for sponsorship.  Chuck shares how he is doing out reach, and shares his Asana broad.


Josh says he sees a lot of the companies he wants to reach out to as well on Chuck’s task board. Chuck show his sponsorship package.  Chuck talks about his plan and how that sponsorships work for the client. John talks about a re sign up clause for the sponsorship plans.


Chuck talks about selling a solution, not a product. John talks about ROI with selling sponsorships. Josh mentions then interest levels and getting people to understand when a sponsorship actually works for a client. Chuck says he see away out of it.


Chuck talks about helping  find sponsorship for other people’s shows. John announces a new EntreProgrammers subgroup. John says this could lead to an event or conference as some point.

Thoughts for the Week!

Josh – Setting your goals for the week.

Chuck – Just stick too it. Make a list of things to quit.

John – All labels are bad.