Episode 174 “Ratchet It Up”

Episode 174 “Ratchet It Up”

Episode 174 “Ratchet It Up”


We’re Live! Barely alive… John talks about Josh asking questions about the lighting in John’s space. John talks about his new video projects and equipment.  John continues to talk about setting up a new Rode shotgun mic for better audio quality on his videos. Josh talks about considering a hair light.


John mentions that he spent 2500 on the equipment. Not a bad investment, considering that John does many videos for Simple Programmer. Josh says that John needs to make it to where Alexa controls all the video equipment in the room.


John mention the surprising video quality on the iPhone.  Chuck asks about the difference in the sound foam  an sound panels. Chuck mentions that he is thinking about doing video at some point in the near future.


Chuck talks about his podcast processes and how the scheduling is working. Chuck is trying to determine if the podcast transcripts are worth doing. John mentions a few ways to check if people are viewing the transcripts. John also mentions that cost effectiveness of the transcripts.


John asks Josh if he know of any kinds of metrics to see the effectiveness of the transcripts, and to see if they are beneficial and cost effective.


Chuck talks about the performance of the new hires for transcripts and show notes. John goes back to the benefits of the transcripts.  Josh takes a peel at the analytics of a podcast on Dev Chat TV. John talks about how to gauge the need for the transcripts.


John wants to cut off the assholes podcasters who complain about giving information, as John helps provides traffic to their podcasts.  Josh tries to leverage traffic by using Chuck’s list. Josh continues to look into JavaScript Podcast transcript traffic. John think it is not worth doing the transcripts.


John thinks that dropping the transcripts, to move the other parts of the podcast production faster. And maybe revisit transcripts in the future when revenue is up. John talks about maybe opening the transcripts behind a pay wall.


Josh help setup an automatic Tweet to help Simple Programmers book launch using Chuck’s reach.


John shows Chuck the new landing page for Simple Programmer Career Guide. John talks about Smashing Mag. Josh talks about how they would not allow them a subscription.


Josh talks about their plans with the book launch. Josh talks about getting hooked on the Facebook group for the book. John talks about the numbers he wants to hit  for the book and career guide.


Josh mentions a Facebook Live appearance  that John is going to do soon to the group. John mention that whoever is watching this progress of the book launch is probably afraid to do their own, after all the issues Simple Programmer had.


John talks about his plans post book launch and possible tripling business.  EntreProgarmmers talk about other kinds of projects they could do once the book launch is done.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Finding the systems that work for you.

Josh – Ratcheting it up takes time.

John – Learning to maintain this new level.