Episode 173 “John’s Law”

Episode 173 “John’s Law”

Episode 173 “John’s Law”


Simple Programmer Edition of EntreProgrammers. John talks about his visit at Fit Con. Highschool party? John talks about feeling like the “old pervert” at this conference. John talks about how 14 year old girl articulate building a following on Youtube. John goes on to talk about trying to network with a young crowd. John goes on the talk about traveling to and from the conference.


John talks about possibly going to another YouTube conference. John talks about his sport activities as the conference. John tries to out punch the Six Pack Ads guy Mike Chan. John continues to rant about his encounters at the conference.


John talks about learning techniques for deescalating a situation, and his experience at the expos. John explains his idea for installing a shoot gun mic.


Josh talks about his busy week and get down to the wire of the book launch. Josh talks about how in the beginning of his career he managed printed material. Josh talks she hiring someone form UpWork to help with design of the book layout.


Josh talk about his distrust with some UpWork freelance designers. John and Josh talks the Kindle book designers. Josh talks about the new UpWork hire, and the process of designing the book. Josh talks about trying to figure out why her service was more then they budgeted.


As a back up, Josh mentions hiring a firm as a back up for the book design. Josh says this is their flagship and need great job done of the book design.


Josh talks she his confidence in the book designer, who is a book publishing veteran. Josh talks he doing Op-Ins for the book.


John mention how he was explaining his book launch to a person. John say you can launch a book in a few weeks, but it will not be a premium product lacking all the marketing perks.


John mentions how some tradition publisher execute a book design and launch. John talks about promoting a video that was once from PluralSight. John says book Book Trailer is ready to go, as long as the Book landing page is done.


Josh says he has not yet looked into the emails and copy he has to create for the book.  John talks about getting of .Net Rocks, and a bunch of podcast to help the book launch.


John talks about how his book SoftSkill was available for download from a Chinese site, but after it was taken down, book sales on Amazon are up again.


John talks about creating “Johns Law” for productivity. John talks about having a personal/business assistant in the future. Josh talks about finding someone as good as Aaron for another hire at Simple Programmer.


John and Josh talks about about everyone on their team is an A plus player, and replacing Aaron is going to be a challenge.

Thoughts for the Week

John – Be willing to take the skunk cost..

Josh – If you have something critical, get redundancy on it.