Episode 172 “Kiss off Mickey”

Episode 172 “Kiss off Mickey”

Episode 172 “Kiss off Mickey”


We’re Live! Chuck immediately says he world is blowing up. Chuck mentions having to find ways to pay things, such as server hosting. John says it is good that things blow up early, to figure out how to not go into the hole bad.


Chuck talks about how some of his revenue is not till a few weeks away, according to to sponsor payment cycles. “Its just freaking hard.” Chuck talks about an upcoming conference he is coordinating for quick income.


John asks questions about how to avoid short term solutions. Chuck talks about how at the beginning of the month he will have funds for business, but questionable for personal stuff. Chuck talks about adding possible podcast sponsor to his lists.


Josh ask what cause the “Current Crunch.” Chuck says it was paying taxes for the whole year last year. Chuck talks about his plan to not going into he red with paying taxes at the end of the year. Chuck talks about cutting on spending an saving in places where he is not using services.


John says to tells Mickey Mouse to kiss off. John talks about how they have to live an die based on looking at the monthly report. Chuck says he expected this year to look like last year as far as number goes. John says “You need buffers.”


John suggests to have your book keeper level off or spread the cash over the next few months to get a better idea of how much money you have. Chuck says this is kind of a belt tightening mode.


John talks about 6, 12 month rolling averages to gauge budgets. Josh suggests going back a looking the sales cycle, it is the summer, and that effects sales every year.


John says that Chuck is setting up himself great for the future, he just needs to survive till the future. Chuck says he is not going to be able to get to a promised project. John says just to do the deliverables, and tell your clients what you are going to do next.


John talks about threading or multitasking, and how that still slows progress. So bucket own and do the projects.


Josh ask if Chuck heard the new of Josh hitting mile stone 2, and is now a 50% Simple Programmer owner. John talks about arm wrestling his father. John says there is only two things that can only happen with money in Simple Programmer, expenses or income.


Josh talks about exporting his bank info. and built a budget around that information. Josh talks about getting a call from his bank, and how they see that he is run a business out of his account. So Josh is opening a credit card account for business.


John suggest just setting up a business account rather than changing banks. EntreProgrammers talk about business credit cards.


John talks about using 99 Designs or a designer for the UK  for the book landing page. John talks about DHH.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Git yer done.

John – Like is an obstacle course..

Josh – Carve away stuff..