Episode 171 “Veiny Bastard Program”

Episode 171 “Veiny Bastard Program”

Episode 171 “Veiny Bastard Program”


We’re Live. EntreProgrammers talk about trying to not discuss anything before they air. John shares information on his body fat measurements, at 11 percent. John talks about low hanging fruit and having a lot of room to grow. Be harsher on yourself as you measure your goals. John get off his soapbox.


Josh share his encounter with a very strict diet, and measuring his calories. Josh talks about the mental aspects and reaching the goals. Josh mentions being at 12 percent body fat.


John says losing weight does not take long, but getting to a certain body fat percentage is difficult. Josh talks about his conflict goal between gymnastic training and body building. Josh says the train helps him feel better, with less aches and pains.


Josh explains his maintenance levels for maintaining his body weight. John suggests workouts for Josh. Josh continue to talks the the other types of thing he was to continue and change with his workouts.


John talks about putting Josh on his Veiny Bastard program. John talks about finishing his marathon in some 4 hours this past Sunday.


John talks still doing leg day even after running a marathon. Josh talks about the Keto diet and his experience with broccoli tasting like butter. John talks about low fat diet and how sex drive.


John say vanity has a high price. Josh talks about how he finally achieved his childhood dream with his bracer. Josh asks questions about John’s two image consulting meeting. John shares how using two image consultants are creating an image for him


Josh talks about doing an interview for software developers and professionals for image. John and Josh discuss how people are dressed in the work place, and how that effects how people see them.


John mentions that Josh now is an equal partner in Simple Programmer! Josh talks about building a business is a quick way to build wealth.


John talks about Ty Lopez’s new video or commercial. John talks about the main points of Ty’s video on creating wealth.  John compares this to MJ DeMarco’s practice to building wealth.  John talks about investing in real estate to build wealth.


John and Josh discuss different ways to invest money from your business into real estate, stocks, and Angle Investing. John talks about adding a “Hey John” section in his book.


John talks about the value of his book as he is working on it. Josh thinks this is going to be a very long audio book. John talks about how they are going to blast 1 million developers on launch day. John wants to hit the biggest launch numbers in Amazon, not mainstream numbers.


Josh and John discuss the developmental ideas for John’s new book and the launch preparations that are coming up quickly.  John talks about another idea that is similar to the new book landing page.


John and Josh talk about polarizing and getting people excited about the book. John talks about Algorithms to Live By 


Josh talks about YouTube ads on mobile, verse desktop ads. John talks about different pay platforms like ApplePay. John talks about break the store with updates.

Thoughts for the Week!

Josh – Little bit at a time and chipping away, don’t despise the little things.

John – Plan your day ahead of time and cut away the distractions.