Episode 170 “Cheap Bastard”

Episode 170 “Cheap Bastard”

Episode 170 “Cheap Bastard”


We’re Live! Derick is frozen, kinda. Chuck wants to rant about having a cancelled guest because of sponsors.  John talks about finding a pattern of refunds form a particular customer.


Josh talks about his reasoning for asking for a refund. Chuck, said that John should go to a movie, and if it was not a good, to as for a refund. Chuck talks about  taking the EntreProgrammers advice about doing an urgent time sensitive deal for sponsor slots. Chuck talks about doing a pre-sale on his book.


Josh say that chuck when to opposite direction of a pig farmer this pass week. Derick talks about a jerk giving away his course for free. Derick says he need to create a sales sequence.


John talks about reading a great book,  Algorithms To Live By . Josh talks about the issues with the emails on the last sale at Simple Programmer.  Josh shares his email flop. Josh say him may not want to do FAQ emails anymore. Josh say he may just highlight just the bonuses.


John talks about a Tweet from Drunk Old Bastard, and how they turned in this situation around. Josh talks about other ways them could have converted on the course.


Josh described that cost for an email subscriber. John and talks about training customers, and how doing fire sales are not good for business.


Derick talks about a friend’s course that returns very low sales on UDemy. Derick talks about doing or noticing geographical pricing on courses.


John talks about new customers and return customers, and small percentage for sales are form return customers. Derick talks about his discount situation at Watch Me Code. Derick says there is a balance to be found when doing discounts on products or services.


Josh talks on customer lifetime value, and cost per subscriber. Entreprogrammers talks more about discounts, which is like buying customers. John talks about price tiering.


John talk about the different tiers of discounting. Josh talks about noticing the ShutterFly discounting pattern. Chuck says most people will react to the price that make sense to them.


Derick talks about a game discount supplier. John talks about how the best customers will learn the discount pattern or frequency. Josh says the whole point of a discount is urgency and scarcity of a product.


John talks about resistance to sales. Derick talks have finally cracked the 8K number on his mailing list. Derick interactive publishing company for multiple kinds of media. Derick mentions that his lead magnets are begin to work.


John says the key thing is to own the source, or ow the platform for blogs and content. John talks about publishing all video as a membership type site for Simple Programmer.

Thoughts for the Week

Josh – When you don’t have time for a checklist, that is when you need a checklist.

John – Pomodoro Technique…

Derick – Focus on the right thing

Chuck – Being deliberate…