Episode 17 No Crisis Here

Episode 17 No Crisis Here

The EntreProgrammers Podcast

Where’s GetUpAndCode? Josh is a little saddened by John’s cut-back in the productions of GetUpAndCode. John quickly takes the moment to analyze the human nature living in a production schedule. John says, “Does it have to be so strict?”

However, the fans of GetUpAndCode begin to expect shows on a certain schedule. Derick, points at the fans, saying to John, “That’s their problem, not yours.”

Josh talks about having to take too much time to figure-out code; Derick, with 4 blogs on WordPress, refers to Signalleaf as the oddity and finds himself struggling to get into its workflow calling it “too much work.”

Derick continues, “I can’t get motivated to write for Signalleaf because there’s too much work involved in writing.” Is he in over his head? What’s to become of Signalleaf?

The discussion then goes to whether or not good video production and editing is really worth it.

John talks about a newsletter he’s sending that describes the most popular person on YouTube – this person’s show from Sweden is cut rather roughly – “playing video games and making stupid comments,” John said. But, he has 25 million subscribers.

And the question arises, “Does production quality matter?”
John catches himself (laughing) as he remarks that The Entreprogrammers isn’t produced – when it actually does have a producer.

Derick is quick to undermine the producer’s efforts, calling him an editor, “No, we have an editor, he’s not a producer. We have a guy that just literally listens to it once to make sure we don’t say a few certain things (like this) and he tacks on the intro and outro and uploads it.”

So, the discussion comes around revealing that The Entreprogrammers aren’t at all really interested in good production – bad sound, bad video – it doesn’t matter.

The Entreprogrammers – not professional broadcasters – have asked their video producer to edit the show in this fashion which of course reflects the lack of professional broadcasting which is quite often found on the Internet, and perhaps, set video and audio back a hundred years.

The Internet gave license to the amateur hour of audio and video, although these amateurs may have something good to say, they just don’t know how to say it good – not from the Arena of Artistic Process. Only a small percentage of the populous has true appreciation of the extreme beauty which is only found in the humanities.