Episode 169 “Short on Top, Long on Sides”

Episode 169 “Short on Top, Long on Sides”


Chuck mention he would not mind being a pig farmer. Entrepreneurship is taking a toll these days. Derick cracks jokes about John’s situation at Simple Programmer, and Josh’s Apple Air Pods.


Chuck talk about having to pay taxes, paying a lot of money out, and maybe having to do something desperate. Chuck talks about his email conversation with a former sponsor.


Chuck talks about having to do some deep discounts and other dealings with this former sponsor.


John talks above creating perceptions within a business, in order to follow through with business. John more about the 100K goal that Chuck created for himself. John talks about hitting goals first that are steps to the target.


Josh makes a suggestion on Chuck’s LinkedIn profile. Josh says that benefit of huge goals or targets make you think in ways you haven’t. John thinks that Chuck did have a great month.


John says that at any given time we can only do what we are capable of doing at the time. Josh suggest a time sensitive offer to gain some quick income. Chuck mentions going back to quarterly and annually sponsor spots.


Josh says the easiest place to get money is from those who already gave you money.


John talks about going shopping to change his image, and not look like a muscle bound freak.  Johns says that he bought stretchy pants at actually fit. John says that he is ban from wearing tank tops. John says that experience has open his eyes on image.


Johns talks about the perception he was putting off according to his new stylist. Chuck makes comment on the perception rant. Chuck ask if John was taking the videos down. John says this is a moving forward change with image.


John talks his plan for changing up the Simple Programmer brand in to something more mainstream. John eagerly awaits feedback from the mastermind.


Chuck talks the difference of marketing when going mainstream. John says the next book he writes will not be about programming, but about self development.  John talks about expanding out of the niche into the more mainstream.


Josh says this change might be something that Chuck would be interested in doing with podcasts.


Chuck mentions taking over a couple of shows, but is not sure when this will happen.


Derick says he is actively looking for client work within companies for training purposes. Derick says that What Me Code is still paying the bills, and he is done with one of his clients.  Derick talks about his income numbers with Watch Me Code.


Derick says he is still waiting on his big final success with Watch Me Code. Derick say he feels that he can’t not give feedback on the rest of the guys, because they are somewhat far ahead of him business wise.


Derrick talks about he video game youtube channel, and a viral video he created.


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Thoughts for the Week

John – Use an expert as leverage.

Josh – Know when to say no..

Chuck – Make a plan and get with it.

Derick – Timing is everything.