Episode 168 “Shock Collar!”

Episode 168 “Shock Collar!”

Episode 168 “Shock Collar!”


John talks about take your iPhone 7 into the shower. John talk about every time they hire an expert, they John and Josh still know more than them. John says to only thing they lack is the time to get to all the ideas they have. John explains that the more money they have, the more issue that have getting too extend their business into new areas.


John mentions that he made the same mistake he tell Chuck not to do.John says you either implement it or project manage it.


Chuck talks about having a hard talk with Jamie about the podcast editing. Chuck talks about finding an new podcast editor. John says he the asshole who tells everyone to fire their employees.  Chuck talks about communicating with your help or employees to make sure things are getting done correctly.


John tell Chuck that he should be careful not to fire someone prematurely. John  says you have to be thrilled with your help to make things work.


John ask if Chuck got a transcriptionist, but not a show notes writer. Chuck says he thinks he may have mess that up. Josh talks about the order of publishing of the podcast. Chuck says he have at least 8 episode going out every week. Chuck talk that different type of transcription services he has used in the past. Still wait on technology  to get better.


John mentions using Hot Jar to find out how many people actually use the show notes. John say a better workflow will up the output production. Chuck talks about getting started on   the Kickstarter for React and Elixir shows.


Chuck talks about how people at the Build Microsoft conference are reaching out o him for sponsorships. Chuck explains how people got interested in the sponsorships. Chuck talks about changing his philosophy on acquiring sponsors, and how he want people to get an great ROI.


Chuck talks about helping the customer reach their ROI as a sponsor as a new approach to selling sponsorships. Chuck talks about going to other kinds of events outside of developer conferences to find sponsors.


Chuck says that Grace is no longer doing conference task for him, he is now having more meetings or call to help stay on track.  Chuck talks about doing things in a 3 month plans.


John talks about having to many ideas and thing to do as the shit hits the fan. Chuck show his tasks board, and tell us how it works to keep him on schedule.


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Thoughts for the Week

John – Plan ahead for the days you are away

Josh – Ckicken and waffles!

Chuck – “The way you do anything, is the way you do everything”