Episode 167 “Turning Sh!t Into Shitake!”

Episode 167 “Turning Sh!t Into Shitake!”

Episode 167 “Turning Sh!t Into Shitake!”


We’re live and there are 4 of us! John tells us about a strange phenomenon and his video responses. Crazy stuff. John talks about receiving his Apple Air Pods in another strange event.


Derick tells a story about about a double from amazon. Derick talks about his strange coincidence. Derick asks about a tale about at Simple Programmer. John shares about working with someone to create a course for Simple Programmer. John talks about a mistake on the video. Josh and John talk about trying to salvage the video.


Josh talks about the uncertainty of the quality of the course. John goes on to explains being accused of stealing the course, and going on to verify the content on UDemy . Come to find out… it was stolen by the hired person.


John talks about trying to turn this around, by using the actual author’s course to replace the stolen material. Tony the author agrees and launch the course through Simple Programmer. Bubba gets called out publicly. John talks about confronting Bubba.


John talks about how he learn from his mistakes of not check Bubba’s background. Josh talks about his mistakes as well and cognizing the warning signs.


Stressfully week at Simple Programmer. Chuck is in Seattle at Microsoft Build. Chuck asks Josh about how he using LinkedIn. Josh gives some pointers on how to use LinkedIn to reach people in a more professional connection. Chuck talks about using BlueTick.


Chuck talks about looking for sponsors at the conference, and doing in person meetings. Derick talks about his webinar, replacing floors and washing machine. Derick talks about camping with ADHD kids.


Derick says the webinar went well, and sold 58 spots for the webinar. Derick describes this email sequence. Derick talks about the different JS language he is offer in the videos. Derick talks about what he is offering with his Docker videos.


Derick talks about his survey, and what he learn from it to create the webinar and sales page. Derick is not going to do webinars in May, but plans to get bak to the e-book.


Josh talks about Micro Conf. and a story about a 2 Star review. Josh talks about catching flak about doing a review in the course. Josh and John talk about the out coming and down votes on this review.

Thoughts of the Week

Derick  –  Do the Copy Hour Course.

John –  Turn shit into shiitake.

Josh – You don’t know anything.

Chuck – Reaching out to people…