Episode 166 “Salted Pork” 

Episode 166 “Salted Pork” 


Live on a Monday! Weird.. Luis gets ahold of Chuck after hearing the podcast. John talks about running 20 miles. John is still training for the marathon, that is going to happen in the next month. Chuck stalls on the Keto Diet. Chuck mentions using the internet and researching what he need to do to bring down his blood sugar.


John talks how what Chuck need to do to possibly bring down is blood sugar. Josh suggests taking MCT oils or brain octane oils by Dave Asprey. Josh thinks that Chuck is though the hard part of the Keto diet.


josh talks about increasing his fat intake  and the effects. John talks about going in and out of ketosis and fasting. Chuck talks about hiring a new book keeper, and attempting doing 100K in  sales this month. Chuck finds out the BlueTick does not work in Safari.


Chuck talks about having issues with his VA in the Philippines. Josh talks about someone has not been fired in awhile. John talks about how family is in high regard in the Philippines, and this may be the issue with a missing VA.


Josh and Chuck about having an emergency fund. John suggest having some stored salted pork. Josh talks about testing book covers, and running Facebook Ads.  Josh talks about doing Facebook ads and having some issues with text.


Josh talks about working with Ad sets.  John and Josh talk about the process of the book launch and Facebook ads. Josh talks about reaching cold traffic and retargeting. Josh continues talks about the many different ways to reach cold traffic, warming up and audience, and creating effective ads on Facebook.


Josh talks about the 99 Design contest, and how the poll was being reused or copied by designers. John talks about how to do a 99 designs contest. John thinks that 99 designs is worth the work.


Chuck talks about having issues with his podcast editor, and podcast are not getting done. The EntreProgrammers talk about Chuck’s situation with finding a new podcast show note editor. John thinks that Chuck should turn he podcast editing into an in house editor.


Chuck is postponing Ruby Remote conf. and is going to take care of the product side of things. John talks about interviewing MJ DeMarco of Millionaire FastLane! John say having huge following allows them to get big names for interviews.


John talks about leaving the Sub groups applications open. Apply at  entreprogrammers.com/apply .

Thoughts For The Week

Chuck –  Share our warts…

John – It is easier to forget where you were….

Josh – Trilled to be where I am…