Episode 165 “Random Dude”

Episode 165 “Random Dude”

Episode 165 “Random Dude”


John mentions looking at book cover designs, and not sure about the design or creativity. Josh describes the designs and issues and challenges with the book cover. John talks about the 99 designs contests for the book cover.  John talks about using 99 designs for a lot of projects and how they should be sponsors.


Chuck chimes in on his thoughts on the contest of using 99 designs. Josh mentions using Facebook ads to promote the book. Josh think a cover with a photo is more usable for the real book cover. Josh says asking people what they like is usually the best bet. John mentions the colors people pick and other things that are pleasing to the eye. Honey badger and Unicorns…


Chuck talks about trying to figure out his launch sequence. John ask where he is at in the process. Chuck talks about his crazy number of 75K with the upcoming conferences and sponsorships.


Chuck talks about launching a book at the end of May. John say it does not have to be finished to do a pre-sale. At Chuck’s current pre-sale of 1500 dollars, Josh suggest having more to offer.  Josh suggests a 10 week course, or releasing content overtime, to create value.


Chuck asks how he can package the product into a 500 dollar product.. Chuck mention the beta package paying 300 dollars. John says not to write a book, unless you are going to publish on Amazon.


John says you have to ask yourself why you are writing you book. Josh suggest doing video to gain an audience. John compares this to a gym membership service.


John talks about doing a running with Manny, and running 9 miles with him. Chuck talks about needed carbs, badly. Chuck is doing the Keto diet.  Josh talks about finding things that have too much protein calories. Chuck talks about his experiment with the Ketogenic diet.


John talks about the night and day body fat percentage. Josh talk about reaching out to Red Gate. Josh talks about using BlueTick.


Chuck talk about have a VA find people who sponsor podcast. Josh talks about how Blue Tick does what he needs it to do.


John talks about growing the pool of audience and sponsorships. Josh mentions sponsorships. Chuck talks about his plan for the funnels, cold groups, podcast sponsorships.


John talks about reaching out to DPD. Chuck asks why Josh’s WordPress guy never got back to him.


John talks about possibly getting an interview with MJ De Marco or Millionaire Fastlane. John is looking of a personal  stylist or image consultant.


We need 4 people for another EntreProgrammers Sub Group Mastermind podcast at:  EntreProgrammers.com/apply

Thoughts For The Week 

Chuck – “How You Do Anything,Is How You Do Everything…”

John – There is nothing that is difficult in life…

Josh – “It’s important to know what you enjoy…”