Episode 164 “I Need a Job, Come Work For Me”

Episode 164 “I Need a Job, Come Work For Me”

Episode 164 “I Need a Job, Come Work For Me”


Derick mentions that he needs new clients. Need help wth Docker..? Josh mention that he needs to email some 12000 people for clients and building his business.


Derick mentions creating 15 emails for he launch sequence. Derick talk about doing a Jeff Walker type of launch for his project.


Derick mention that Monday is launch day, with 40 percent off for his mailing list. Derick also talks about the mistakes and challenge he encountered. Derick says he is going to use this sequence as an evergreen funnel if it works well.


Derick talks about free bonus with this Docker product. Derick says he wrote 2300 word for his most current emails. Derick say he still has to write the last chance emails. Derick says that only has been writing tons, but has not had time to build the webinar.


Chuck says he cancelled Freelance Remote Conf., and lower some prices on others. EntreProgrammers talk about  marketer and their strategies. John says he is afraid of Ministry of Tests…John says they are similar to Hell Angles.


Chuck ask what he should do as are as sponsor cost. Chuck says he is looking into trading services to cut cost.  Chuck talks about his beta test project. Josh gives some suggestion on how to keep growing a list.


John talks about opening up another sub group of 4 people at entreprogrammers.com/apply. 50 dollar application fee and 50 a month.


John   talk about hiring Native Commerce to do content production and SEO. Josh talks about getting into the zero spot for a blog post. Josh talks about the meeting with the Native Commerce people.


John talks about getting the price down to 6K a month for Native Commerce services. John says they should be able to double or triple traffic within a year. Josh talks about BlueTick.


Josh hope The EntreProgrammers are the backlink to BluetTick for request on their software. Similar to how they use to ask Rob Walling who created Drip. Chuck ask if he should check out BlueTick.


Chuck asks about key features he would need if he were to use BlueTick. Chuck talks about features challenge with Contactually. Chuck talks about reaching out to people to acquire podcast, as well as doing a survey. Chuck says people were interested in React and Elixir. Chuck talk about his ideas of this project. The EntreProgrammers gives feedback on marketing and ways to be most effective with podcasts and audiences reached.


Derick talk about the Elixir community and Rob Conery.

Thoughts for the Week

Derick – Trust The Process

John – Ignore what everyone says and do what you think is right.

Chuck – Do what you want to do, but dot be afraid to ask for help.

Josh – Be willing to negotiate on things, its uncomfortable but worth it.