Episode 162 “Live From Vegas!”

Episode 162 “Live From Vegas!”

Episode 162 “Live From Vegas!”


EntreProgrammers minus Derick, Live from Vegas! Chuck talks about the recent retreat he attended by Jamie and some notable marketers. Chuck talks about getting help with how to create more revenue with podcast and sponsorships, all mapped out by Jamie.


Chuck talks about getting some direction for the marketer’s perspective.  Chuck talks about not being able to walk after doing some martial arts.  Chuck says he is still looking for a good CRM. Josh is leaning toward Contactually . John about another type of CRM.


Chuck talks about 17Hats. EntreProgrammers discuss the features of their current CRMs and which service works best for them.


EntreProgrammers talk about their tactic for setting up emails and unsubscribes. Josh talks about how unsubscribe process works, within emails. John talks about predicting revenue. Josh talks about the process of a pipeline, verses a waiting list.


John talks about changing their sponsorship model, because of an incident at Simple Programmer. Josh continues with extending a sponsorship for a client. Josh talks about the possibilities if they could bring in 30k in sponsorship revenue.


John talks about how they want to do sponsorship in a different way for the way Chuck does sponsorship. John talks about the process they would do for sponsorship at Simple Programmer.


Josh asks Chuck about the slots available for podcast sponsorship at Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about how he wants to do individual stories of the podcasts at Dev Chat TV. Chuck is planning to recording podcast episodes 2 months ahead, maybe twice a year.


Chuck talks about having trouble with his podcast editor. Chuck is looking into the issues for the podcast editorial process. Chuck talk about using Cashfly rather then Libsyn for podcast hosting.


Josh talks about the bottleneck situation for copywriting at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about how getting 2-3 week ahead will help him with get Q&A ready.  Chuck talk about his issues and frustrations with the editorial process with podcast editing.


John talks about how”Baba” email him about creating an audio and e-books out of the past videos  posted on the YouTube channel. John talks about how this individual want to do an internship to create content. Josh describes this as reusing the byproduct of the left overs of the material on YouTube.


Chuck talks the indoctrination email. John is covering the mic again…. lip reading would help… Not subtitles. Sorry. Derick saves the day.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Don’t be afraid to ask…

Josh – The easiest money in the world is like taking money for a baby.

John – There is always something that comes up…stuff still has to happen.