Episode 161 “Quality Check…”

Episode 161 “Quality Check…”

Episode 161 “Quality Check…”


EntreProgrammers  joke about Chuck’s microphone issues and the usual technical podcasting challenges. Derick mentions he had a hold lot of nothing happening and only 6 hours of work. John talks about the issues with their newest white label launch. Quality Check anyone?


Josh say he was too focus on the marketing to worry about the quality of the product. John says he is going to have the author go back through  the product quality to make sure is it good to go for the next round.


John says he feels bad about no double checking the product, and worried a little about their reputation. Josh says is not great a doing quality control for video and audio. John gives the workflow for making sure your audio sound is the same or consistent when edited.


John is not sure if he wants to continue with the White Label material. John talks about listening to an audio book, “The Everything Store.”


Derick says he had a successful webinar. Also, he mention the sale of the seats and the Q &A sessions. Derick was able to connect the current webinar to previous webinar material. Derick says he generated 616 dollars for this webinar. Derick mentions that after doing webinars, he gets and influx of subscribers.


Derick and Josh discuss email lists and marketing strategies. John talks about the hypothetical store front that Derick created, and what the next step of marketing is going to be.  Josh talks more about what Derick can do to rework is email list.


Derick talks about how is was able to get back on his health care client work. Chuck talks about being sick all last week, and dealing with a broken washer. Chuck talks about an interesting budget system he learned. Chuck mention that he is going to prioritize and focusing on his business. John talks about advertisers putting out of Google ads.


Josh talks about how he know people are using ad blocking. Chuck talks about how Microsoft are spending money for their presents on podcast on the Dev Chat TV network. Derick says sometime it is about brand awareness.


John talks about the book , The Ultimate Sales Machine. Chuck their inner workings or relationship with Microsoft. Chuck talks about the possibility of connecting with Dell for sponsorship proposes. John said to do anti-sponsorship. Chuck talks about how he wants to tell stories and experience in his ad copy. Chuck says he might want to find someone to write copy. Josh thinks he need to find a develops and train them as a copywriter.


EntreProgramers talk about working with a copywriter, and the learning to do copywriting as an entrepreneur. Josh talks about the copy he writes verses the sales generated, hit and miss.

Thoughts for the Week

Derick – Practicing and improving, shift away from the “this has to work”

John – What is success? Maximizing your potential.

Josh – Take the hit and own it.

Chuck – Priority