Episode 160 “Italian Fever”

Episode 160 “Italian Fever”

Episode 160 “Italian Fever”


We’re Live! EntreProgrammers talk about needing tech support for starting the podcast call. Chuck talks about how his computer has no optical drive.  John mentions being sick for the last few days.  Also has to run a half marathon. Chuck says he has been sick this past week as well.


Chuck has a question about the ticket price situation for his conferences. Chuck thinks he should lower the prices a bit to increase the sales. Josh talks about doing the split test on the ticket prices, also increasing the response rate. Josh says to test on the less popular conference to see if it works.


John advises to limit features on the test ticket price. Josh said to go back to the people and ask that reason people did not see the value. Chuck talks about those who did not understand the conference was remote or online.


John and Josh suggests offering the ticket price at half prices to those who did not signup yet, but remove some small features, like youtube video access later on or something lesser to the full paying access.  Josh talks about the  pricing situation on training courses at Simple Programmer.  John gets and idea from the advice he gives to Chuck.


Josh talks about the sales launch Simple Programmer recently did, and how they could do things better. Also, the idea for the courses they will be offering. Josh talks about the type of courses will reach a certain audience. Josh says they have to scale their efforts.


John talks about how the audience is the most important and that is where the value is at. Josh talks about selling this template as a business opportunity. John says this is reinventing Plural Sight, unfortunately.


John talks about his idea for the  12 month courses. Josh says he really wants to do this. John mentions that they need to get the book launch out of the way first. Josh says that he is almost done reading John’s new book. John talks about ways one can claim being “the best in the world” at some niche. Chuck says sometime it is up to “just showing up” to be in the ring of best in the world.


Chuck moving the Ruby Rogues parlait to Slack. Chuck talks about writing code to make the move. Chuck talks about pissing people off on hack news or other forums.


Chuck mentions have at least 10 for the beta on the Getting A Job project. Josh talks about his pass ideas for learning  and maintaining services like SharePoint.


John mentions that he is learning Italian to Chuck. Apparently, Chuck knows Italian. Chuck think he want to learn Japanese. John talks about how is learning Italian. Chuck says to practice just for a half hour.


Chuck reveals how he learned Italian. Chuck also took French in high school.

Thoughts of the Week

Josh – Increasing work capacity

John – No matter how much you don’t like it, what it is, is what it is.

Chuck – Get the prospective right.