Episode 159 “Trust the Process”

Episode 159 “Trust the Process”

Episode 159 “Trust the Process”


I think we’re live? But, Trust the Process.  Going Retro!  Josh says that he’s is cancelling his email account and everyone can reach him by carrier pigeon. John trackpad clicking a super loud. Windows issues still prevail.


Chuck talks about his recent conference experience. John talks about his live YouTube board cast, and how popular it is. John talks about his weird encounter with a YouTube viewer.


Derick says he goes around screaming to people too. John talks about being called a Nazi and how things got crazy. Chuck talks about how people misunderstand comments or discussions.


Chuck ask about how to present YouTube videos for Ruby Rants. John mentions that YouTube is getting rid of annotations.  So cards are the next thing. Derick says that annotations did not work on mobile anyways. Cards work better.


Chuck asks what happens to old videos with annotations. Johns says that still will work, but you can’t create new annotations.


John question why YouTube did not just make annotations work on mobile. Derick says he is going to have to cancel his plans to go to Micro Conf. Chuck offers to share a room, but Derick says he is a horrible roommate.


Derick says he is does not have the funds to spend on extra events, but he is still able to cover bills. Derick talks about how America Airlines will not refund tickets. Derick shares where the expenses are, and how he got into some debt.


John suggest that Derrick should start contract work full-time to get out of debt, and get into a better situation. Then start his regular Watch Me Code work when he is in a better situation.


Josh says even if Derick has credit cards, he needs that pressure on, to get him into the mindset of working with regular income not credit cards transactions.


John ask if there is way he and Josh could launch a product that Derick has created through Simple Programmer. Chuck talks about looking into his channels to help Derick. Johns says these options are bandaids to help the situation.


Josh talks about he credit card situation of a 500 dollar limit. John mentions that he is in Boise Idaho, visiting all the old place he use to visit.

Thoughts of the Week

John – To let go of everything.

Josh – Challenge equals opportunity

Chuck – You probably know more than you think and start asking the hard questions

Derick – Don’t Be Derick