Episode 158 “Hookers and Green M&Ms”

Episode 158 “Hookers and Green M&Ms”

Episode 158 “Hookers and Green M&Ms”


John and Josh in the same room. John and Josh talk about getting help with the book launch. John thinks that they will have a successful book launch, and are hoping to take the number one spot in all of Amazon. Josh talks about the pre-sale strategy for Amazon.


Josh talks about working with Tom in the book launch and the tasks he is doing for the book. John describe the book review process.


Chuck talks about his week and getting his Get A Job product out. Chuck talks about the questions he is often asked about getting a first developer job or getting a  better developer job. Chuck talks about he process for acquiring information for his new product.


John and Chuck talk about the process of “Stalking.” Chuck is trying to get people into his funnel. Also, Chuck is doing the JS conference this week.


Chuck talks about getting a logo job out on Fivrr, for his short videos. Chuck discuss his plans for his next product. Chuck mention his plans for doing a Kickstarter. John explains how it is important on planning how to exit. Chuck talks about his plans for the various podcasts on his channels.


Chuck talks she doing press kits for some of his podcasts, possible for sponsorship slots. Josh gives some feedback on how Chuck should handle the sponsors or ad slots for various companies.


John suggests that Chuck should do a partnership with a company that wanted to buy Simple Programmer. John says this would broaden the reach.


Chuck says this plan is blowing up his brain. Chuck says in a couple with he is going to be at a retreat with Jamie Masters.


Josh explains what he saw a the Traffic and Conversion conference. Chuck compare this to using the Amazon Echo.


Chuck talks about sending out email for a 17Hats account. Chuck has discovered that 17Hats does not have and API. John talks about google collaborative group boxes.


Josh talk about building the perfect tool, and how every tool can talk to one another. Chuck ask if the Rails Conference is worth going too. Chuck talks about wearing a pole to stranded out. John says he wants to invite himself hang out with Chuck to hang out with book authors.


Chuck mentions that he is building a new PC. John is excited about how everyone is going back to PC. The EntreProgrammers talk about the computer setups.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Just get out and do it.

John – Putting some changes it place .

Josh – Don’t let yourself off the hook.