Episode 157 “Cloning Chuck”

Episode 157 “Cloning Chuck”


Episode 157 “Cloning Chuck”


Only Josh and Chuck today. Derick is in a meeting and John is not responding. Chuck talks about the sales on conference tickets. Chuck talks about how each day has not been below a thousand dollars in sales.


Chuck mention another hire from UpWork,  to help with the conference and doing research. Chuck talks about using 17Hats . Chuck talks about cloning his employees to be more efficient. Chuck talks about working with an employee who is having some trouble in the business.


Chuck mentions a few issues with his new hires no following through on their job. Chuck is trying to decide if it is he who is have some communication issues. Chuck talks about getting up a 4am and getting a bunch of work done, especially when no one is awake to bother him.


Chuck explains his work connection to Chris Voss  and Jesse Stay. Chuck talks about his plans to go to SXSW. Chuck talks about how to get a programming job or a raise in your current job.


Chuck talks about splitting the sponsorship expense for the two marketers mentioned. Josh ask what kind of door this could open for Chucks business. Chuck thinks that the way the year is going, he thinks this might be good for his business. But the timing is not right.


Josh talks about the “Bar Bell Strategy” for the book “Anti-Fragile.”


Josh says that passing on these opportunities are hard, but he thinks Chuck should probable pass. Chuck agrees, but asks himself if he should be spending money on market. Chuck talks about reading,  “Invisible Sales Machine.” Chuck says it is similar what Josh is doing with Simple Programmer.


Chuck and Josh discuss marketing tactics they are learning and using.  Chuck mention that people respond saying that they like getting is emails.


Josh talks about he process for emailing, or fishing for customers. Josh mention reporting their subscriber number to their sponsors.


Josh talks about what was going on with Simple Programmer this pass week. Josh talks about the week they had bad sales. Josh says he did not know what was the problem. But things are looking normal again.


Josh talks about a new hire who work with John Lee Dumas. Josh is excited about working with Tom. Josh talks the reading John new book.


Chuck ask if they are going to do a KickStarter for the book launch. Josh think that might do some sort of launch at sone point. Josh talks about working with Tom on the book launch.


Josh talks about doing a 30 day challenge on sending out emails to their most engaged subscribers.


Chuck ask is John used an Copy Editor for the book. Josh explains John’s editorial process.

Thoughts of the Week

Josh – Focus on Mental Toughness

Chuck – Getting Up Early