Episode 156 “Selling Magic Twigs”

Episode 156 “Selling Magic Twigs”

Episode 156 “Selling Magic Twigs”


Josh is wondering why he is the default thumbnail for every episode. Trying to change it up today. John says he is skipping the Disney Princess run this time around. John talks about getting around the tickets for the run. John thinks nobody has ever seen the Yoplait Yogurt lick breast cancer campaign some 10 years ago.


Derick talks about scheduling he webinar. It’s not free..wink, wink. Derick mentions that 80 people are signup.  Derick says he has been wearing out his email list lately.


John talks about getting compliments on Josh’s ad copy, but sales are down. Josh says he can not find a correlation in the issues with sales and email lists.  John says that they probably need to do a test purchase to make sure the sales page is working. Might that people are paying taxes? Rather than buying products.


John says they need to hire a WordPress developer and sell on WooCommerce. Josh says that the emails are only going to the top 25 percent of their list, with a 50 percent open rate.


Josh and John talks about pulling together a possible course on marketing called “Cracking The Coding Course.” Josh thinks they need a 99 dollar course in help them in the tiers of sales. John talks about what Derick should have done help those along for paying for the webinar fee. John suggests that Derick be funny about it whole situation.


Derick thinks that there might be my issues with the payment system into the webinar. Derick talk about some issues this week with his car and getting a tube put in his ear. Beside all the challenges, he finally got is webinar script done.


Derick says he is take a break from his health care client. Derick mention the slow pace and not getting working for this particular client. Now his is trying to find ways replace that income.


Derick talks about missing out the the Copy Hours stuff. He mentions that he did not like the secret leads stuff. John ask what a dowsing rod is all about. John talks about making your way to sell magic twigs.


Derick talks about getting an interesting compliment on his new marketing skills. Josh says he is getting close to the point that market with not be his problem anymore.


Josh and John talk about getting ready to launch John’s new book, and getting help from an individual to make it successful. Josh talks about the growing email list for the book.


Josh talks about reading the new book, and mentions how this could have really help him coming up as a developer. Josh talks about doing a review on the book and getting 500 applications.


Derick mentions that he like Wes Boss’ marketing strategy, and might implement that same setup.

Thoughts of the Week