Episode 155 “Painful Lessons”

Episode 155 “Painful Lessons”

Episode 155 “Painful Lessons” 


John and Chuck are out. Josh and Derick talk about Derick’s sales at Watch Me Code. Derick shares his frustrations with some of the marketing emails.


Derrick talks about the email he sent on Monday. Derick talks about the discount code his sent out 160 people that had a wrong link. Derick said that even with all the trouble, he had at least 50 people sign-up.


Derick talks about the negative charges on the discount system. Derrick says he is now sitting out zero dollars  for the registration, and might be at zero for sales.


Josh talks about the email list they have at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about the engaging customers and marketing tactics. Derick talks about his strategy on getting people to signup.


Josh talks about using a plugin to update pages for Derick’s situation. Derick talks about how this webinar is apart of the rest of the bundle for Docker. Josh talks about how Derick should maybe have not give it away of free, but that lease discount it.


Derick talks about how participates can use Docker and other products. Derick says that he got a interview lined up. Josh asks about what Docker is, and a about. Derick talks about how the Open Standard came about of Docker.


Derick mentions how to approach someone for an interview. Derick explains how to build interest to get people on the line for podcast interview. Derrick and Josh talk about their open ended email that build interest for a response.


Josh ask if this person form the Docker company, could connect him with other things. Josh say that all you can eat models are difficult to measure.


Derick talks about the Master Minds that he is active in. He realize that Josh was part of one of the groups.


Josh talks about how they are reaching their super fans with product like the T-Shirt. Derick talks about the different sources of income to support projects and ideas.


Derick mentions that in the middle of the week he did not now what to do to respond to his situation. Josh says to look at how much he is doing with this core audience. Josh thinks that Derick is get traction, but he does not see it yet in his income.


Derrick talks about his retirement working for him, and he will be a multimillionaire at some point. Derick mention how that pass year was taxing on his income. However the copy hour was a good investment.


Josh talks about the things Derick could do to gain traction and build sustainable income.

Thoughts for the Week 

Derick – The most important lessons are always the most painful ones.