Episode 154 “All Kinds Of Shady…”

Episode 154 “All Kinds Of Shady…”

Episode 154 “All Kinds Of Shady…”


We’re Live! Chuck talks about his extra stuff he had to do with Toast Masters, and teaching WordPress. Chuck says no go for Go Daddy website builder.

Chuck mentions that he almost got scammed trying to sell his desk on Facebook or Classified sites. Chuck talks about being over ambitious with his help. Chuck says he says he is trying to organize things for his conferences about 6 months out, but his employees are occupied with regular work and emergencies.

Chuck ask what he should do with his situation. Chuck says he may have to hire another person to help with his conference organizing. Josh mention that Chuck might want to use Fivrr for extra help on web searching. Chuck says he initially hired Grace for this job, but he may bring on some one from previous interviews.

Chuck ask what he should do when it comes to going to a Mastermind. Josh compares this to a roundtable talk with John at Simple Programmer. Josh talks about how to look a the growth of the business verses the projects you do to 10X business.

Chuck talks above the things or plan he want to put into action to scale the podcast business. Chuck mentions talking to people about starting at WordPress podcast and Dev Ops podcasts. Also, started back up the news podcasts for JS and Ruby. Josh says to chart out the growth.

Josh mentions the second podcast Simple Programmer is doing by just turning videos into another show. Chuck think he might do video at some point. Josh ask how many podcast show he releases a week.

Derick talks about the things Chuck could do with video or YouTube podcasts, as far as show notes and annotations. Derick talks about why good tags, title and descriptions, are important for videos on YouTube and you website.

The EntreProgarmmers talks about how and what Chuck can do to hire someone to handle a new video podcast project.

Derick talks about working toward not relying a clients for main income source. Derick is looking into doing smaller projects and sales pages. Derick shares things he has learned form the Copy Hour. Derick says that he is now not getting any work from his clients.

Josh and Derick talks about how to go about doing a sales page launch. Derick ask how much of a buildup he needs to do before the launch. Josh suggest a 2 week, but not much of an announcement. Josh call this an impulse buy for Derick’s audience.

Josh says that Derick now is getting to a good place with all the new information he is learning from the Copy Hour. Derick says he is handwriting all his research, which is helping with training himself. Chuck says he is seeing a change in Derick as fas as learning how to do copy writing.

Thoughts for the Week

Chuck – Bitting off more then you can chew…

Josh – People complain even with free content.