Episode 153 “Biomarkers for Inflation”

Episode 153 “Biomarkers for Inflation”

Episode 153 “Biomarkers for Inflation” 


We are live. Josh is cutting carbs and wants to destroy stuff. Chuck talks about his allergies to Wheat and Milk. John talks about only drinking human breast milk. John explains why drink milk from a cow is  a bit odd, compared to human breast milk. EntreProgrammers describe their allergies to dairy products.


Chuck says he really enjoys having people do work for him. Chuck ask for advice on what he should do about targeting his audience for his “Get a Coder Job” book. Josh suggest doing a paid webinar about the book.


John suggest to Chuck that he has to do something he wants to create or is passionate about.


Derick suggests that if Chuck is going to do multiple books, and that he should not flip the order and confuse his audience on which book is first in the process of job hunting. Chuck talks about systemizing  his employees, which will help his focus for the book and  other products.


Derick says he likes Josh’s idea about doing paid webinars. He says this is something he could do. Derick asks Chuck about his WordPress setup for paying of webinar access and membership.


Derick says he want to have his first paid webinar in February. Unless you bought the presale book or an annual subscription, you will have to pay.


Chuck talks about switching from Drip to Active Campaign. Chuck says he needs a CRM. Derick suggest Zepier for a CRM. John suggest pretty links instead. EntrePorgarmmers talk about ways Chuck can get around promoting affiliates while using Active Campaign.


Josh talks about how Amazon will ban you if you have affiliate link in an email or pdf. Chuck talks about putting Amazon affiliate link in show notes.


John suggest doing more podcast in stead of affiliate links.


Derick says to 264 people bought the pre-sale.  Derick explains the question he is incorporating in the book for the Docker Project. Chuck suggests that Derick need to be on the phone with people more often, for the Docker Project.


Derick ask if 29 dollars is a good price for a webinar. John suggest going a higher price, because you want to make it worth your time.  Josh suggest promote it for a week, don’t just send out an email.


The EntreProgarmmers talks about the price tag of a webinar, and how that relates to the pain the custom is experiencing.


Looking to replace an EntreProgrammer Subgroup member! Only one slot! email John!


John talks about how his daughter is selling Girls Scouts cookies. John says he like the idea of starting entrepreneurship early. The EntreProgarmmers talks able the scams schools and clubs get children into.

 Thought for the Week

Chuck – If you think you need help, do it.

John – Do it like Elon Musk.

Josh  – Carbs make you happy.