Episode 152 “Kill The Ponies That Don’t Perform”

Episode 152 “Kill The Ponies That Don’t Perform”

Episode 152 “Kill The Ponies That Don’t Perform”


We’re tangled…. Chuck gots a new deck and having mic issues for podcasting apparently. Derick mention that last week he has been rearranging too in his living room. Derick talks about his trip to the recycling center in his Subaru Outback.


John talks about getting rid of everything on Ebay and Amazon, which made organizing easy. Derick talks about trying to reorganize. Derick says it is freeing to get rid of stuff. Josh says everything you see, that you own, that you don’t use, is a reminder of a failure.


Derick talks about handcopying sheets of paper and doing homework for the Copy Hour. Derick talks about his blog response on the 5 stages of the Copy Hour. Derick talks about the one word change to make headlines effective.


Josh talks about his experience with taking the Copy Hour class. Derick mention that he ramp up the studies for the classes. Derick says he need to not rely on his client work for meet his income needs. He need Watch Me Code to be a reliable source of income soon.


Derick talks about the power of  writhing down your financial goals and continually look at it to help make decisions in the future. Chuck talks about doing the same practice to help meet his goals.


Josh says to look at all the levelers and controls that he has access to, to control the next 10 to 20 percent goal.


John talks about the book, How To Fail at Anything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams. John talks about writing down affirmations and following them to completion. Derick talks about selling 150 copies of his Docker product.


Josh shares some info on the 80 20 rule. Josh ask for the Tony Robbins of  Docker… Derick talks about the thing you can do with Docker for development.


John talks above the freak-o-nomics of owning a Tesla. Josh suggest a podcast tour to increase income on Watch Me Code.  Chuck suggest  a JS podcast he knows to get some traction.


John says he launched the Simple Programmer T-Shirts this past week. Josh mentions that he is happy about WooCommerce. John this is something that they will just have for fans.


Josh says he predicted 60 sales. John says people were upset that he was throwing away T- Shirts. Chuck says he uses t-shirts for garage clean up.


Chuck talks about hiring a human. Chuck talks above moving off of service that he does not use. Chuck mentions doing a beta launch of the Get a Coder Job book. John talks about his issues with pre selling a book, in Chuck’ s situation.


Josh suggest outline the book if he is going to pre selling the book.

Thoughts for the Week

John – You shouldn’t be trapped under the expectations of who you were before.

Derick – Trust the Process. When in doubt, handwrite it out.

Chuck – Having that plan.