Episode 151 “I Want To Be A Pig Farmer…”

Episode 151 “I Want To Be A Pig Farmer…”

Episode 151 “I Want To Be A Pig Farmer…”


Chuck expresses his need to become a pig farmer, in recent times at least. John talks about how this is why EntreProgrammers is a soap opera for entrepreneurs.


Chuck talks about having a rough time with hiring and all kinds of business challenges. John relates this to exercise, being sore, and worn out. There is a purpose and reasoning.


Chuck asks about when to pull the plug on references criteria for his new hires. Josh mentions that the information he gets form the references is pretty low, after the test project.


Josh asks questions about pull the plug, on employees now, compared to the ones Chuck is about to hire. Chuck talks about the test projects he had the candidates do.


John talks about why he is understanding about people on UpWork, who work from the Philippines, verses those in the US. John stresses the need for people to have “Mommy Skills.”


Chuck talks about the pay the candidates are asking for pay, verse what he is paying now, and all the stress to keep up, if he has to do it himself. Chuck says he is looking for an excitative assistant, and any for regular tasks. John says to make the job descriptions clear.


John and Josh talk about what the new interviews are telling them as far as time they need off or can’t do. The EntreProgrammers talk about complicated needs that they have when hiring new people. Also the communication they have with the team for short notice communication for important events.


Chuck says he is creating a standard operating procedure for hiring. John talks about he and Josh going to attend a Perry Marshall event for learning marketing. Josh talks about the celebrity type business and how he wants to study how they work in the marketing world.


John talks about going main stream while gaining freedom. John talks about doing optimal work for his business. Josh talks about how Simple pProgrammer is a known company in the programming niche. Josh talks about mirroring what John is doing on YouTube, to the email list.


John his talking about how they need to get people hooked on their content for more sales and a growing following. John talks about have a corporate clean brand instead of the startup or raw version. Kind of like Toyota to Lexus.


Josh talks about having a mental model for the project they were doing. John talks about having 100 percent growth. John says they built a good machine and model.


Josh says someone is says that John is a free range horse that does not need to be chain to the plow. Chuck asks to what degree can he use his celebrity to leverage his business.   Josh says that Chuck is a curator and some who brings information together.


Chuck talks about starting new podcast, where he is note the “main guy.” \


John talks about give the 24 hour challenge to the EntreProgrammer Sub Groups.

Thoughts of the Week!

Chuck – Once it all in place, it going to get done…

John – If I’m doing something, it need to be a 9 or above…

Josh – Investing time in understanding your own DNA, is worth the time.