Episode 150 “#Fail”

Episode 150 “#Fail”

Episode 150 “#Fail”


Derick asks If Chuck still has his PR40 mic. Chuck changes our his podcasting mic. Derick talks about how his new gaming channel has gain more subscribers.  More talks about the difference in usb mics and regular condenser or dynamic microphones. Derick talks about being apart of the copy hour classes, and getting bad photocopy sheets to work with.


5 days in with the Copy Hour classes and Derick feels like he is learning a lot and gaining much insight with the conversations. Josh asks some questions about exercises and how this is changing Derick’s perspective on how ad copy is created.


Derick talks about pattern interruption, and how encouraged this is. Derick says the gears are starting to turn in his head with the things he learned among the EntreProgrammers and the Copy Hour class-mates.


Josh talks about scientific marketing and how giving away free products can work against the business, by cheap’n the value of the product.


John talks about the book the Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes, as an example for Enterprise companies to gain as a client. Derick says in a month he will regret taking these classes, but will eventually see the results payoff.


John  talks about running a 5 minute mile in a treadmill. John shares how he plays to hit his goals for the year. Josh suggests starting the Simple Programmer journal. John says he came up with his own version on a journal.


John starts his day with visualization, practicing gratefulness, thoughts, ideas, and lastly, facing mistakes and failures. John says his big idea is to create a failure journal to help shift the mindset. John shares his idea about hanging Costco racks and Craigslist hire mistakes.  John kills the Christmas ornaments. Listen or Watch this part.


John talks about in detail sabout the mistakes in not vetting the hire to create racks in his house. In all, the failure journal might me a good idea of up coming Devs.


Josh talks about reading the book, Anitfragile by Nassim Taleb


Chuck talks about the failed transition between Podcast editor companpies. John talks about getting a week buffer for the editing in podcast episodes.  Chuck says he is tried of hiring. Chuck talks about Grace his new hire, and how she is doing a great job for Dev Chat TV. Chuck thinks he still needs help in the future.


Chuck explains his plan for his 12 week plan. John shares how he kills procrastination. Chuck shares how fast they can move ahead if that can automate tasks.


Chuck shares some info on the Dev Ops Remote Conf. Chuck talks about double his revenue, and creating some new podcasts on his channels.

Thoughts for the Week

Derick – Whatever you suck on, triple down on it.

Chuck – Have a plan.

John  –  What can you cut out that you don’t need.

Josh – Once you get past a certain point, improvement take more effort.