Episode 149 “Lay Off The Gravy”

Episode 149 “Lay Off The Gravy”

Episode 149 “Lay Off The Gravy”


Josh talks about watching Parks and Recreation and compares and episode to how someone or some company was interested in buying Simple Programmer. Josh and John, for fun entertain the idea.  But they found out that they might as well purchase some of their websites, for traffic purposes. John negotiates down the prices for the sites he purchased.


John talks about the extreme anchor technique from the book, “Never Split The Difference”. Flash Bang! John talks about his new style for negotiating.


John talks about how to create revenue from dead assets with the sites that Simple Programmer purchased. John says that Simple Programmer will recoup their cost in a year.


John announces that Josh hit the first mile stone. Derick talks about his Christmas vacation and family challenges during the holidays. Derick say he needs another vacation. Derick say he has been working on the first version of his Docker project. Pre-Sales are happening on January 16th.


Derick talks about getting a new client and learning about new products and strategies. Josh says he is surprised to see JS is being use to kill bugs. Derick say he is only working for his client 5 hour a week.


Derick also says things are moving forward, and hoping the ebook launch sales will do well. John, again talks about his excitement over VR and the Oculus Riff. John talks about his interest in investing in VR. But he says building VR games or going to companies like Blizzard to invest in VR.


Derick chimes in on his thoughts on VR, but he thinks that augmented reality will be the next big thing.


John ask Chuck how CES is going. Chuck talk about the huge event and tons of things to see. Chuck talks about book time with companies to talk business. Chuck too talks about his visit with companies that offer AR and VR. Chuck talks about trying the InBody program to measure body fat. John mention his experience with InBody.


Chuck talks about his interest in the watch band device from InBody to measure body fat. Chuck talks about the company called Finch that uses AR, that track motion to play games.


Derick ask about the EntreProgarmmers sub groups. John talks about the lastest needs for the team as they start uploading their episodes. John talks about acquiring sponsorships for the groups.


Chuck talks about being ready to go to MircoConf. now that he canceled some plans. Josh says he does not know if anyone else is going to go from the sub groups. Derick mentions that he went to the Copy Hour. Derick talks about his experience with buying copy hour, and not getting the discount code. But still a good investment.


Derick talks about starting a YouTube channel about playing video games. Josh think this will be bigger that his current business. Derick’s channel is called Code Ninja Gaming. Derick talks about his thumbnaill for his videos. John talks about starting a fitness channel, but really wants to start a gaming channel too.


John mentions that things he is doing with his clean up week. John says one of the most destructive thing he did last year was checking stats. John talks about deleting social media apps and email from his phone. Derick says he stop checking Twitter.

Thought of the Week

Derick –     It can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. When you get back. You need a plan to do so.

John – It’s all fucking gravy…

Chuck –  What do you want?

Josh – Patience and Consistency.