Episode 148 “We Did No Work This Week…”

Episode 148 “We Did No Work This Week…”

Episode 148 “We Did No Work This Week…”


Josh says he did very minimal work, but made the most sales then ever. Josh says they are looking at a new record for product sales. Also acquiring a new affiliate form China. Josh says this person can help grow Simple Programmer by 20 percent.


John and Josh talk about the new subscriber numbers with the help for the new affiliate help. John mention his new Oculus VR.  John say he is all 100 percent in on the new VR technology as far as education and playing games. John talks about being able to use the lenses to virtually see his desktop.


John says you need a good computer graphics card to run the VR lenses. John say he thinks that the more people start to use VR, that more they will leave behind old technology. John think VR is going to replace screens.


John excitingly talks about the possibilities of incorporating VR into teaching people any kind of task or production.  John say he is now pretty convinced about the new direction of VR.


John say it does make you feel sick when you are using the lenses. So people may have to build a tolerance to motion sickness. Chuck jokes about those who will blend reality and the VR world.


Chuck talks about his experience in screening 17 people for the job the is offering. Terrible experience with some unqualified people. Chuck says only 4 people past the in depth interview. Chuck says hiring sucks. Chuck talks about the scheduling for his remote conferences.


John says they are flopping on the Podcast Awards event he was planning. Mostly because people were not interested.


Josh says they are devoting Q1 to the book launch. Josh thinks this should be a 3 month campaign. John says the award for winning the Podcast Awards was going to be 1000 dollars, but publicity for the podcast was more valuable instead.


John says he is not devoting time into the project, but he might have someone to take over and improve the project. Josh says they are now delegating more for the project that will for sure hit, and they are taking bigger swings.


John says if they do things right, the book launch could be a multi million dollar project. Josh says since John started blogging content about the book, their website traffic has increase. Josh says they had many signups of for the book when they had mention the book on YouTube.


Josh talks about their plans for the the kickstarter campaign for the book. Chuck asks about the rules of doing a kickstarter campaign as far as the product.


John talks about the Amazon earnings for the previous book. John says they never know and they just got to take chances.


John says he want to talks to the VR guy to maybe incorporate VR to their content. Chuck says he got a bad review at his Java Script Jabber podcast site, because of covering 4 episodes at Microsoft Connect. Chuck talks about the things people disagree with him about. “You’re being a jerk…” John says he gives them the flaming bird.


Chuck talks about how the shows change audiences every once in awhile. John says to follow your heart and do what makes you happy.


John says that Josh has double the business for Simple Programmer and is doing a great job for the company.

Thoughts of the Week

Chuck – Short term sacrifice…will payoff in the longterm.

John – Understand the stages of growth. z

Josh – Shut off your work brain sometimes…