Episode 147 “Foam Hatchet Time”

Episode 147 “Foam Hatchet Time”

Episode 147 “Foam Hatchet Time”


We’re Live. Almost Christmas. Foam Hatchet Time. Josh ask if Chuck eliminated a person for having scheduling issues for an interview. Chuck describes the issues he was having with interviews. Chuck is looking for an A+ player! Chuck says hiring is tough and some people are not cut out for the job.


Chuck talks about automating stuff for his sponsors. John talks about Aaron a new hire, who is doing a great job for Simple Programmer. John talks about the tasks that were successfully completed by Aaron. Chuck ask is John reads fiction books, as he is creating a list. John talks about Snow Crash the book. This book is somewhat Pre-Matrix.


Josh and John talks about reading their kids books. Chuck talks about his picture in front of the Trump tower. John says to look up the word Bigget. Chuck says he did this for laughs, but it backfired. John talks about about liberty and what it means today.


Chuck talks about rights to speak rather they are right or wrong. Chuck asks how they plan for the beginning of the year. Josh says that make it up as it goes. Johns says to come up with the plan, then alter the plan. John describes planning based on what he is doing with the podcast awards.


Josh says they have a pool of ideas and do them based on what is best next. Chuck talks about attending conferences in the new year. John talks about having a mix of thing for the new best and plan building around them, as far as on going things.


For example, John plans to making the book a huge success. Chuck ask because he is building a team. Chuck ask how John and Josh build and manage their team. John talks about the interesting dynamic they have with Rodrigo at Simple Programmer, as an employee. Josh talks about communication with his helpers for Simple Programmer.


Josh say the real key is getting the A+ players. Josh says he wants a better promotional calendar. John says if he has to monitor you, he will fire you. Chuck says see progress will help him relax. Josh suggest using Trello to see progress with the team.


John says he does not hire, unless there is an automation that can be applied to the job. Chuck talks more about things he want to do to build a team for his business. John talks about why he has no hired a personal assistant. John speaks more on assigning  tasks to his employees.


Chuck asks what is a good test project for hiring an executive assistant. Chuck talks about creating a standard operating procedure as a task for the new hire. Josh says he wants his new hires to screw him now on a test job. Chuck ask what he should he pay them for the test task.


John says to pay them their hour rate they asked. He says this will give him the good idea about how they work. Let them hang themselves..


John says to vote for the Podcast Awards through December 31st!  Next, John says all the EntreProgrammers  have their logos, and pay your membership fees. John says he is going to logos ready.

Thoughts of the Week!

Chuck – You can keep moving at a breakneck speed, but you will hit a wall…

John – Set realistic expectations.

Josh – Have multiple channels of things to do…