Episode 146 “Sandwich Artist”

Episode 146 “Sandwich Artist”

Episode 146 “Sandwich Artist”


John, again demonstrates Alexa’s capabilities, another experiment with his office lights. Success! John talks about nonstop Elvin and the Chipmunks songs coming out of Alexa.


Derick talks about being sick. Chuck talks about his hectic day with phone screenings. John talks about his challenge of bringing him 50K for a job. Josh said he will claim credit for accomplishing this challenge.


Derick said he loves the idea, and would hire someone on the spot if they can help bring money into his business. John explains how to this challenge works if you had implemented this with a millionaire.


Chuck talks more about how hiring the right person can help generate revenue for your  business. Chuck talks about using KSL radio for trying to hire a local person for his business.  Chuck shares how this potential new hire will help his business.


Derick says that everything that Chuck mentioned as his need for this job, is everything he needs to tell the person for hire. John shares how to look at the situation when looking for a new hire. John talks about how he hires on UpWork, or just hiring in general.


The EntreProgrammers talk about how looking at resumes maybe worthless, verses meeting the person on a video call to judge their personality.  Chuck talks about specifically what he is looking for in a new hire.


John makes a funny comparison to government employees because they never quit their jobs, because they do nothing.  John talks about a ambitious sandwich artist who is trying to make something of there life.


Derick shares his thoughts on the kind of person who would want this job that Chuck is offering. Chuck says he wants to find the person who is aspiring to do the best at everything that they do and looking for stability.


John says this person has to have a vision for themselves in the next few years. John says to Chuck that he is not looking for a hanger-on-er. Chuck says that most people who apply for the job are stay-at-home-moms.


Derick reveals he is going to do a ebook on Docker. Derick is doing a blogpost and the ebook, and getting people up to speed for the pre-sale.


Derick quickly mentions his plans for his business as of now. John says he want to be one of Derick’ s stick figure on his page.  Derick talks about his next experiment with his book.

Thoughts for the Week 

John – Finding a Stopping point and do it.

Josh -TSA pre check is worth it.

Chuck – Figure out these procedures!

Derick – Don’t Don’t get pneumonia. Take care of yourself.