Episode 145 “ Leotard and Cape”

Episode 145 “ Leotard and Cape”

Episode 145 “ Leotard and Cape”


John says he just completed his new book on air. John says the entire book took 6 months to write.  John says he can now remove the Trello card to write his book in the morning. John tries an on air test with Alexa. Not working so great now. Chuck mentions having similar issues with playing Christmas songs.


EntreProgrammers discuss ways they use Echo, time out timers and playing music. Josh say he is fed up with Siri as well.


Chuck talks about trying to find a CRM, but he does not want to pay for duplicate services. Josh asks why Drip was not providing everything he needed. Josh mentions he liked SalesForce.  Josh talks about Active Campaign and their small issues.


Chuck and Josh talk about the cost of the features for a CRM and the tools for email marketing. Chuck also talks about creating a standard operating system for his business.


Chuck talks about possibly hiring another good contractor, but only locally. He asks if he should put it on Craigslist. Josh thinks that on Craigslist, he will be flying blind. Chuck talks about his plan and criteria for hiring his next person. Josh suggest a COLBY assessment before hiring.


Josh talks about working with Dan on the Sublime project and audience.  Josh shares a story with Dan’s project. Josh shares some information on his training material.


John talks about how Simple Programmer can scale with different ways to help other businesses to monetize and gain an audience. John says he can give all the secrets, but will they implement it? Josh talks about what the project manager will be doing.


John talks about running a full marathon distance, 26 miles total. Chuck say he needs to get back into shape to run “one miles.” John says he was running at a slower pace the whole time.


John says he stop wearing his Apple watch because the battery is not performing well. Chuck asks for advice on things to listen to while running. John says Chuck should run in a leotard and cape. John shows off his new customs build laptop.


Josh talks about how hot his ThinkPad  laptop use to get. John talks about how great the system runs so far. Josh also sports the new Simple Programmer t shirt design.


Chuck says he is now looking into Origin PCs. He may ditch his Mac soon.


John says its almost about time for the spin off groups to start recording their episodes. John says that they need to start looking for sponsorship for the podcast. Is Digital Ocean still onboard?

Thoughts for the Week 

John – You can always do more than you think you can.

Josh – There is so much opportunity, that is yours for the taking..

Chuck – Having a process and automating the process..