Episode 144 “Don’t Stop Twerking The Business”

Episode 144 “Don’t Stop Twerking The Business”

Episode 144 “Don’t Stop Twerking The Business”


Hardware report. John talks about possible reasons why Apple got rid of the headphone jack. Derick talks more about the water resistance of the new iPhone. Josh says he is still waiting for the Air Pods. John talks about his Surface Book.


Chuck joins with an awful cold. John talks about how the people at Microsoft are going to take back the Surface Book. John talks about his gaming Laptop PC he built.


Chuck talks about how he is not too excited with the new Apple MacBook Pro. Derick talks about his issues with the 2012 thunderbolt port, and buying a new MacBook. Derick talks about doing returns and buying new external hard drives.


Derick talks about paying down debt as things are going well at Watch Me Code. Derick talk about his Cyber Monday sales as the were not so great. But the subscriptions are growing.


Chuck mentions that he actually hired someone from UpWork, and doing a great job a Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about the upcoming DevOps remote conference. Chuck is excited about his new hire as she is going a great job.


Chuck talks about firing the dirty bastards that edit his podcasts. Chuck talks about finding other people or companies to edit his podcasts. John thinks that Chuck should build team that could do some in house editors.


Derick talks about having a similar situation, also having the need to have control to get things done properly. John says he is almost done with his book, and he thinks it is going to be a great seller. John says they are looking to hire somebody to talk care of the podcast awards project.


John and Josh talk about their Black Friday sales. Josh mentions that they hit their biggest month. John talks about his sponsorship dealing with hired.com.


John talks about their experiment with Adwords. Josh talks about the cost of ads and trying to grow their list. Josh talks more about Dan doing a project with Sublime. Josh talks about turn the book into a video training course.


Josh talks about cloning himself to scale the project. John talks about the benefit of platforms and white labeling.


Chuck says that people are coming to Simple Programmer for Johns voice, and he should not take anyone else that does not mesh with the Simple Programmer brand.


John talks about his plan for curating content for technical material. Josh mentions to Derick that they could white label his projects. John talks about having to take more electrolytes and how this is helping him feel better and have more energy. Derick talks about the need for electrolytes.


Derick mentions adding team membership for Watch Me Code, for businesses to use for their teams. Derick says this is only for the annual memberships. Derick says the reason he did this is for businesses to use for the budget money on this platform.


Mastermind team members! John mentions that the teams should contact him, about the team names, cover art, and other elements for building the podcast mastermind. John ask if it is possible to create a subscription account with PayPal for monthly payments. The goal is to launch the mastermind project for January!

Thoughts for the Week!

Chuck – Sometime things don’t go as plan, just adjust your plan next week.

Derick – Don’t stop tweaking you knobs.

Josh – No matter what something is going to go wrong…just deal with it.

John – Suck it up buttercup!