Episode 143 “This Is Where The News Happens”

Episode 143 “This Is Where The News Happens”

Episode 143 “This Is Where The News Happens”


And We’re Live. Chuck says hello for NYC for Microsoft Connect. Chuck plans to retire for iPheaks and The Freelancer show in Dev Chat TV. Chuck talks about hiring a coach to help him get to the next level. Chuck talks about letting the podcast shows know about what they need to do with the sponsorship funds. John thinks Chuck should still control the sponsorship funds as the producer.


John continues to talk about the control Chuck should have as the brand or producer. Josh suggests finding away to  split sponsorship if they host find sponsors themselves. John thinks that as a business, Chuck should not lose the sponsorship money, incase the show become super popular.


Chuck says that he has another sponsor beside hired.com. Also, Chuck says that he is trying to hire another VA type person who can take over Mandy’s old tasks. John think this is ok for Chuck to do, because now Chuck has multiple roles filled at less cost.


Chuck think he may need to hire someone to drive his kids to school and bring them back. This will give him more time to get to work early in the day. John says that he final got his shirts. Josh talks about almost getting fired over bad t-shirts. John talks about trying to get sample t-shirt before he pays for a boat load.

John and Chuck talk about selling t shirts and other items that support their brand. This is about ways to manage inventory and shipping. John says he is looking for screen printed shirts, or print on demand, and drop shipping.


Josh says he is looking forward to more shopping cast fun, selling t-shirts and stuff. Chuck talks about possible doing coaching as apart of his business or consulting. Josh says he enjoys working one on one with people, but he suggest selling 2-3 month block of coaching, for a coaching business.


John talks about how he does his coaching and the things the people need to do before he started coaching them.  John says that for coaching business, Chuck should raise his rate if it is something that he is not sure about or going to enjoy in the long term. Josh suggest $500 per hour, and should not go more than 1 hour.


Chuck talks about other formats for Java Script Jabber and way to grow the numbers. John says that he has raised his episode number per week to increase audience numbers.


John talks about his Tony Robbins event and walking on fire. Chuck ask if the Tony Robbins event is worth going to. John explains why it is worth the money.


John say he is sending out an introduction email for the mastermind groups about team names and artwork for the podcasts. All this to kick off in January!

Thoughts for the Week

Josh – Audience is primary

Chuck – Have a template

John – You are fighting against the universe or fight the biology.